Dauntless Elemental Weakness Guide

Jeff Kotuby,

May 28, 2019 5:00 PM

Veteran "big game hunters" will know how important countering elements is when trying to slay giant beasts. It's no different in Dauntless.

Elements play a crucial role when it comes to slaying Behemoths in Dauntless. That noise you heard was the countless Monster Hunter players shuddering at the thought of grinding elemental gear to slay those end-game beasts. Luckily, Dauntless makes the elemental grind a bit easier than its contemporary. Here's the quick and easy on elements in Dauntless:

Dauntless Elemental Types & Type Advantages

Dauntless has 6 elemental types: Frost, Blaze, Shock, Terra, Radiant, and Umbra. They're not that difficult to translate into more "traditional" types - think ice, fire, electricity, ground, light, and dark. Not every Behemoth presents with an obvious elemental type, and some might be neutral and have no elemental type whatsoever. In that case, just use your favorite weapon and whack away. As a rule, types are weak and strong against one another. Meaning, for instance, Terra weapons are super-effective against Shock opponents, and Shock weapons are super-effective against Terra opponents. Keep this in mind as the game progresses on and more Behemoths are released. 

Dauntless Behemoth Types

Name Strength Weakness
Bloodhoof Embermane Blaze Frost
Charogg Blaze Frost
Embermane Blaze Frost
Firebrand Charogg Blaze Frost
Hellion Blaze Frost
Drask Shock Terra
Nayzaga Shock Terra
Shockjaw Nayzaga Shock Terra
Stormclaw Shock Terra
Kharabak Terra Shock
Koshai Terra Shock
Skarn Terra Shock
Rezakiri Radiant Umbral
Valomyr Radiant Umbral
Riftstalker Umbral Radiant
Shrowd Umbral Radiant
Gnasher Neutral Neutral
Shrike Neutral Neutral
Quillshot Neutral Neutral

As more monsters get released, we'll update this table - so stay tuned! While you're out slaying Behemoths, make sure you're collecting orbs  and doing your daily Deathmark quests to get your hands on new gear. Speaking of new gear, have you gotten your hands on Transfusion Grenades yet? If not, here's our guide on getting Transfusion Grenades in Dauntless!


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