During tonight's Pokemon press conference, Nintendo revealed three news ways to Pokemon! Introducing Pokemon Home, Pokemon Sleep, and Pokemon Masters!

During tonight's Pokemon press conference, it was announced that Nintendo is going above and beyond with Pokemon in 2019 and 2020. First, Pokemon Home was announced. Pokemon Home replaces Pokemon Bank and offers Trainers the ability to move their Pokemon from the Go series, Let's Go, and the upcoming Sword and Shield, all into one central repository. According to Pokemon's official Twitter account, Trainers will also be able to trade using Pokemon Home. 

Next, Nintendo discussed Pokemon Sleep, a sister game to Pokemon Go which tracks the user's sleep patterns to raise Pokemon. Releasing alongside Pokemon Sleep will be the Nintendo Go Plus +, a very confusingly-named wearable tech compliment to the sleeping app, which acts as a Fitbit or other sort of sleep tracker that will communicate with the user's smartphone via Bluetooth. 

Lastly, Nintendo revealed Pokemon Masters, an ode to all the powerful Pokemon Trainers we've encountered in our journeys. From the looks of it, Nintendo is bringing back all the heavy hitters for this game. 

Just based on the official artwork alone, we can see Red, Steven Stone, Diantha, the Pokemon Black/White female protagonist, Cynthia, Lance, and Brock, along with two new characters who figure to be the protagonists of this game. No word on what kind of game this will be, but we'd imagine it'll be an RPG - but what kind? Could we finally get the spiritual successor to Pokemon Conquest? 

Alright Trainers, which announcement are you most excited for? Join the Twin Galaxies community and let us know! 


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