How To Get Dauntless Exotic Weapon Blueprints

Jeff Kotuby,

May 30, 2019 5:15 PM

Exotics aren't just for looter-shooters anymore! Here's how to get Exotic Blueprints and craft Exotic weapons in Dauntless to slay those nasty Behemoths.

For many gamers, the first time they encountered the Exotic designation was the original Destiny. Exotics were more than just super-powerful items, they changed the way a player could play the game by being so overwhelmingly unique. Some items offered ways to change their elemental designation or provide additional resources unavailable to players who weren't using that item. Other games brought Exotic items into their games, and Dauntless is no different. While at the moment there aren't any Exotic armor pieces, the three awesome Exotic weapons more than make up for it. Here's how to get your hands on these three Exotic items:

How to Get Exotic Weapon Blueprints in Dauntless

So far, there are only three Exotic weapons: The Hunger (Sword,) Molten Edict (Hammer,) and The Godhand (Pike.) They aren't drops - they are craftable items - and the only way to get them is to first find the Blueprint. Exotic Blueprints are only obtainable in Heroic activities. Your chances of a Blueprint dropping are greater in Pursuits, but there is a slight chance they'll drop in Heroic Patrols. Still, there's only a chance for an Exotic Blueprint to drop from these activities - it's not a guarantee. Put on your Sunday bests and pray to RNGsus, Slayer. 

How to Get The Hunger Blueprint

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The Blueprint for The Hunger drops from the Umbral Behemoth. Its Exotic perk, Feast, causes damage over time to the user, but boosts lifesteal and attack speed while generating damage-dealing waves. For greatsword users, this is the pinnacle weapon and something all swordbearing Slayers should strive for. 

How to Get the Molten Hammer Blueprint

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This one's for those of us who missed out on Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros in World of Warcraft. The Molten Hammer is probably the easiest Blueprint to get, since it comes from the low-threat Heroic Firebrand Charrogg encounter. Its Exotic perk transforms the traditional Hammer blast into a special fireball ability. 

How to Get The Godhand Blueprint

Image courtesy Phoenix Labs

Last, but certainly not least, might be the best Exotic of them all. The Godhand War Pike has the ability to generate a powerful beam that fires at the enemy Behemoth while increasing damage over time as it melts the creature's face. To obtain the Blueprint, you'll need to kill the Rezakiri. 

Once you get the Blueprint the fun part can begin - actually crafting the weapon. But, at least you have a goal in mind with your trusty Blueprint in hand. If you're having trouble completing the Heroic encounters, you might need to do a little grinding. Check out our guide on how to get orbs in Dauntless to upgrade your armor or, if it's a specific Behemoth that's troubling you, check out our guide on Behemoth elemental weaknesses!


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