Mortal Kombat 11 Shang Tsung DLC Gameplay Revealed

TJ Denzer,

May 31, 2019 10:50 PM

The Sorcerer of Souls is finally coming back to Mortal Kombat. Check out the reveal of MK11 Kombat Pack's Shang Tsung DLC and the deadly tricks he's bringing this time.

It has begun. Shang Tsung is finally returning to Mortal Kombat 11 and the details are finally out there for all to see. We’ve watched and heard Tsung taunt us in the Krypt, but now we’re ready to fight with (or as) him in the new MK11 Kombat Pack. Tsung comes packed with a number of nefarious moves, not to mention a few unwilling assistants under the power of his evil magic. We also now know when Shang Tsung will first be playable in the game.

Shang Tsung was finally revealed on the Mortal Kombat Twitter and YouTube on May 31, 2019. A trailer was dropped that features Tsung as well as giving us a glimpse at all of the rest of the MK11 Kombat Pack DLC to which Shang Tsung is connected for the first Kombat Pack. Players who purchase the pack will get Early Access to DLC characters, starting with Shang Tsung on June 18. Tsung comes played by the talented Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, as initially revealed at C2E2. Tagawa notably played Shang Tsung in the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie, and he lends his talents to making Tsung as dastardly as can be yet again. You can check out the trailer of him in action below.

For Mortal Kombat 11, it appears Shang Tsung brings his own tricks and those of other victims whose souls he has collected. The Sorcerer has his own fireballs and teleportations, but more interesting is that not only can he take on the appearance and moveset of his opponent in combat (a staple of Shang Tsung from early Mortal Kombat), he also has several notable ninjas on call for transformation moves. Rain, Ermac, Reptile, and Smoke, who have been absent so far, each supply moves for Shang Tsung to use. Unfortunately, this may mean that none of these characters will make the cut in MK11 as their own character, but at the very least, they live on in Shang Tsung’s moveset.

Have you seen the rest of the Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack? Did your favorite character make the first batch of MK11 Season Pass DLC? Who were you hoping to see? Let us know who you’re hoping to throw down with in the comments!


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