A Horde Duel Tournament is Happening Right Now in WoW Classic

Wyatt Fossett,

June 2, 2019 11:20 AM

Organized by streamers and influencers, a large crowd gathers in The Barrens where a dueling champion of the Horde will be crowned.

The World of Warcraft fan base has been vibrating with excitement for the August release of WoW Classic -- a server-based time travel back to the days of Vanilla World of Warcraft (aka “the good ol’ days”) -- but some are already in and having a lot of fun during the Beta. With Horde being the more popular faction, the entire Beta server is filled with popular streamers, influencers, and some lucky randoms.

(course twitch.tv/Sodapoppin)
(course twitch.tv/Sodapoppin)

The Classic Cup is a player-run dueling tournament that is taking place today (Sunday, June 2nd) and features 32 players in a best-of-three elimination bracket. 

Hundreds of Horde (and a few brave Alliance) gather in The Barrens where Twitch streamer Tipsout, playing referee for the event, runs through the bracket. Everything has been going pretty smooth so far, and we expect far more dueling tournaments like this in the coming weeks and into the full release of WoW Classic. 

Watch live video from tipsoutbaby on www.twitch.tv

As of writing this, the first round has concluded and it seems that builds like the Druid and Priests are in heavy favor in this current build of WoW Classic. The Beta is capped at level 30, which will expand when the full throwback is released, so player’s ability to spec and grind out gear is limited to lower level dungeons and zones. 

It seems that due to some unfortunate trolls -- not the World of Warcraft kind … the internet kind -- the tournament is taking an extended pause right now in order to find a more suitable place to hold the pvp competition. *update* the tournament group seems to be testing out a large open area in Tristfal Glades*

It all goes to show that even if you put in all the work to make something fun and organized if it’s public trolls will show up. Some rude players (even some with “troll” in their names) have been trying to block vision by running through the duels, and following the action instead of staying back like the rest of the spectators. 

The four-round tournament is set to run for as long as is needed to get through it, and the winner will claim a $2,000 USD prize. 

You can keep track of who is advancing on the official Classic Cup tournament page, or find one of the multiple twitch accounts who are live-casting the duels. We suggest tuning into Tipsout (embedded above) as he is the coordinator as well as the main referee. Currently, World of Warcraft is #4 on Twitch with nearly 200,000 viewers, and all of this while Fortnite World Cup action, and League of Legends is happening. 

WoW Classic is set to release to the public on August 27th, 2019.


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