Alternate Jerseys Teased by Overwatch League

Matt Buchholtz,

June 5, 2019 2:45 PM

We give our impressions on the new jersey teases from Overwatch League. Check out what your favorite player may be wearing when the League returns this week!

The Overwatch League hasn’t exactly been known for its amazing design choices when it comes to merch. It’s Inaugural Season saw templated jerseys with zero opportunity for identity or personality. The second season saw a move to merchandise partner Fanatics, which resulted in less-than-ideal quality of apparel. However, it now appears that the Overwatch League may be bringing new jerseys to fans, and a few key details have us very excited.

Put your fashion glasses on, because we’re going to take a look at everything.

Teased over the last several hours across teams’ social media accounts, these new jerseys look clean. Many take inspiration from footballer kits, with stripes and larger patterns, which should make them a hit with fans of the beautiful game. A through-line is the panel near the bottom hem of each jersey. These are very similar to the panels we saw on the Overwatch League All-Stars Jerseys. We’re crossing our fingers that this means that the jerseys are similarly produced by Into The AM, or at least another company that is not Fanatics. On the panel resides the Overwatch League logo, a logo reading 3K (Perhaps the merch collaborator?), the year (MMXIX), The size of the jersey, “Grandmaster” (most likely the name of the collection), and the team logo.

Now let’s check out the teases, in alphabetical order:


I fully expect to see Atlanta fans living out their creamsicle fantasies in this sharp, vertical paneled shirt. I’m always happy to see esports branding (especially in OWL) that is not red and black, so this chill peach color makes us very happy. This design rings fairly similar to fellow Atlanta team, the Atlanta United Football Club. Fans of both should find a happy medium here that they can wear on either game day.


Not much can be gleaned from this image except that we can expect a darker, more stealth look from the Dallas Fuel. With an intense navy that appears to be paired with black, this may be one of the most minimal of the alternative designs. I'd anticipate a white outline of the brand along the side of the jersey or perhaps a breast pocket emblem on this, similar to the graphic overlayed in the image. 


It appears that fans are getting want they’ve always dreamed of, a Miami Vice, turquoise and magenta-themed Mayhem jersey. We’ve seen Mayhem Academy lean into this theme, and we would expect them to elevate this a little bit more for the varsity team. No word if a pair of sunglasses are included.


The Green Wall strikes back in this verdant jersey from Houston. With horizontal shades ranging from lime to parakeet, we see more of this jersey than in most of the leaks. Personally, I really like that the Outlaws logo is presented in black, lending a bit more impact to the design, especially with a thin lime outline. 


Pink has been a fan-favorite color *cough cough* RunAway *cough*, so it’s not surprising to see a popular team cash in on the rosy hue. Thin pinstripes help give texture to the kit, while broader block stripes look to give a sporty look to the design. I would expect to see the Spitfire badge on the breast pocket, much like the shields from the football clubs that inspired it.\


While this initially appears to be a slight variant of the Gladiators Legion jersey, a close look at the details reveal what appears to be a Calavera-centered design. Evoking vibes of Chicano and Mexican culture, this embraces Los Angeles’s rich history of art. Across the bottom in brush script “Gladiators” is written in a bold white. 


Taking a page from the Los Angeles FC , the Valiant shows off a reimagined logo in this image and more subdued colors. Gone are the tones more commonly associated with Subway sandwiches, instead, seeing a darker jersey with a tone closer to a dark teal or hunter green. In a time where the Valiant could use a major pick-me-up, I think this jersey will definitely have the players feeling more confident. 


In this image, it becomes clear that the panel—unfortunately—is printed, versus stitched on (maybe one day we’ll get the merch we wish for). There’s not too much I can pull from this image, except that perhaps the jersey is a gradient from black at the bottom to a navy or empire blue at the top. Most likely, however, this gradiation is caused by the lighting in this image. Already the most fashionable brand in the league, I would expect some very interesting design to come from New York, perhaps with the NYXL flag placed askew across the top of the kit.


Another shot of not much, Paris’s tease seems to fall into the more templated version of alternate jersey’s we’ve seen, with a large version of the team logo falling low across a hip. I’m not sure what design rests just beneath the patch, but whatever it is, it doesn’t exist within the Eternal’s branding. I would assume to see a pop of color near the top of this jersey to balance out the black. As one of the sole EU teams, perhaps this would come in the form of the French flag on a sleeve? 


Nice. Nice. Nice. Equal-width, vertical stripes: very footballer (Newcastle United, much?). If you’re tall, be prepared to look even taller in this kit. Most likely we will see the Philly logo centered in the chest at the top of this, perhaps capped with the team’s tangerine color. The black threading at the hem is a nice touch, emphasizing it and anchoring the bottom of the design.


Channeling the fabled Emperor’s New Clothes, the Shock Aren’t revealing anything about their upcoming alternate jersey. 


I’m not sure if this is the most revealing of the jersey teases or the least. Hand-drawn, this teases “Shanghai Dragons” written in Han characters across the chest, with “SHD” on the sleeve. If based off of an actual design, this would be the first indication we have of sleeve designs from the collection. If we really want to give credit to the art, one could assume that the base color is white with red lettering. 


Hip and wordy, the Toronto Defiant’s new jersey sports various translations of the word “Six.” Toronto (area code 416) has often been referred to as “The Six” (or “6ix” if you’re Drake). The clean sans-serif font and wide kerning allow this to breathe, despite the stacked alternating colors. The only true question is, what resides above the cut of this image? A solid red chest and sleeves, or the Defiant logo with more translations spaced around it?


Like many other teams, the Justice takes the opportunity to explore other colors, leaning into a black and charcoal pattern. Mirroring the stripes of the nation’s flag, I would expect to see a star make its way into the design near the top or on a sleeve of the jersey along with a pop of color or metallic. Additionally, I could easily see Justice sliding into a gold following the success of Seoul Dynasty’s colors.

How do you feel about these alternate jerseys? Will you be picking one up? Let us know in the comments below!


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