When Does Destiny 2 Go Free to Play? Official Release Date

Nicholas Barth,

June 7, 2019 3:40 PM

Are you curious about when Destiny 2 will go free to play? We have the Destiny 2: New Light free to play release date covered for you.

Thursday, June 6th was a wild day for the world of Destiny 2, as developer Bungie revealed a whole array of major announcements for the popular looter-shooter title. While all of the announcements were of significant value, one particular revelation definitely stole the spotlight from some of its fellow reveals. This particular reveal that will be the talk of plenty of Guardians going forward was the announcement that Destiny 2 will be going free to play with a release date in the near future. That is right. Those who have not jumped into the world of the first-person shooter game or are looking to try it on a different platform will be able to do so without any cost at an upcoming release date, and we have the free to play release date covered for you. 

Destiny 2: New Light Free to Play Release Date

This new free to play version of the high-profile title will be called Destiny 2: New Light and will have a release date of September 17th. This release date for the free to play version will also be the same release date for when the Year 3 Shadowkeep expansion will launch for Destiny 2. 

Destiny 2: New Light will allow players to experience all of the Year 1 content for the game at its free to play release date without having to pay a single dime. However, content that has been added to Destiny 2 following Year 1 will not be included in the free to play set of content. The content that will not be included at the Destiny 2: New Light free to play version's release date consists of the Forsaken expansion, the Annual Pass, and the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion. 

Destiny 2 Free to Play Release Date
The launch of the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion will also mark the beginning of the title being free to play. 

Players who jump into the New Light version of the game will get to experience a new version of the Cosmodrome revival mission that was the very first one players played in the franchise's first game. From here, players will be given gear to get their power level to the max of 750 and then be able to dive into all of the end-game content they desire. 

With the cost of the full Destiny 2 experience and the time commitment that is required for players in order to get caught up with those who have been playing for the past few years both being major barriers to entry for new players. However, the free to play nature of New Light will be looking to remedy these issues and provide a very accessible opportunity for new players to join the popular video game universe that Bungie has created. 

 (cover photo courtesy of Bungie)


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