Halo Infinite to Launch Alongside Xbox Scarlett Holiday 2020

Wyatt Fossett,

June 9, 2019 1:43 PM

"We launched Xbox 18 years ago, with the game reviewers called the definitive reason to own an Xbox," said Phil Spencer, the Vice-President of Gaming at Microsoft.

After a brief trailer slash commercial regarding the direction and purpose the hardware development team is taking with the upcoming next-generation of Xbox console Project Scarlett, Phil Spencer himself revealed that the next Xbox console will launch with the latest in the gigantic Halo franchise. 

Halo Infinite will be a launch title for whatever Xbox Scarlett is going to be called, landing on shelves “Holiday 2020” according to the reveal. 

We were then shown a brief trailer, a lead-up to the story of Halo Infinite where Master Chief was found stranded in space only to be revived and unaware that the UNSC lost the war. It’s assumed that Chief will have to rebuild a small army in order to retake the Halo, and or save humanity from pending extinction. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get any actual gameplay footage, and with the arrival of the Master Chief Collection on PC being the only Halo tidbit we get to taste anytime soon, the Halo fanbase is a tad bummed that Infinite is so far away. 

It’s very exciting to think that we will be getting a larger-than-ever Halo experience alongside what is destined to be Microsoft’s biggest and best home gaming consoles ever. The full-circle trip around the life of Xbox and Halo in relationship to one another is a beautiful reveal, even though we were technically given very little in terms of detail. 

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