The GG Podcast Episode 3 Talks E3 Hotness, Competition, & Getting Gud

TJ Denzer,

June 13, 2019 7:00 AM

On the latest episode of GG Podcast, we get further updates on Rick Fox's League of Legends Iron climb, the hot topics of E3, and various competition.

The GG Podcast returns this week with another dive into gaming community and culture. There’s plenty of E3 2019 to go around in this one, including first reactions to the press conferences, but Jace Hall, Rick Fox, and Todd Roy also take a dive into various gaming competition in and outside of esports and the states of each.

The June 13 Episode of GG Podcast, “A Roy Named Sue” can be played below.

We get our latest update on Rick’s climb from the bottom of the barrel in League of Legends. Have gotten to Iron 2, Fox reflects on the nature of League of Legends as a team game, drawing comparisons between League and basketball for their similarities in which each of the five performers serves a role. As an aside, we learn a little bit about the cheeky “help” his son Kyle Fox is willing to offer.

Nonetheless, It sounds like Fox is finding his footing in the League of Legends ranks and even managed to eke out a dominating victory recently – apparently his first hard carry in the game.

The conversation shifts into other various forms of competition and a little exploration of the various communities that share in it. The trio talks speedrunning, the nature of competition and camaraderie in crafting speedruns, and the good that events like Games Done Quick have supplied as players have continued to improve upon games.

The conversation turns to the competition of score and record chasing, such as the efforts submitted even now on the Twin Galaxies leaderboards. After some chatter about the various activities going on in score chasing and speedrunning, Fox, Hall, and Roy dive into E3 2019.

Having recorded the cast on Monday June 10, the press conferences are still big on everyone’s mind, along with the Google Stadia announcements just before. With Kyle Fox, the trio jumps right into chatter about Keanu Reeves at the Xbox conference and his newly revealed role in Cyberpunk 2077.

It's hard to deny Keanu didn't capture a lot of hearts with his appearance during the Xbox E3 2019 press conference.
It's hard to deny Keanu didn't capture a lot of hearts with his appearance during the Xbox E3 2019 press conference.

Of course, not all things are peachy. The trio also takes a look at some of the rougher points of E3, such as Bethesda trying to salvage Fallout 76. With it in mind, the GG Podcast looks at other examples in the game industry where experiences where outside expectations.

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