Fans Thank No Man's Sky Devs Hello Games with Billboard

Wyatt Fossett,

June 13, 2019 6:16 PM

The No Man's Sky community are really big fans of the UK developers behind one of the largest and craziest gaming universes ever made.

It’s a story that doesn’t get enough traction. No Man’s Sky launched in 2016 to mixed critical reception and an abhorrent river of player reviews. However, the game’s developers Hello Games never lost sight of their ultimate goal.

Since then, No Man’s Sky has become a completely different game. The type of game that not only they wanted to release in the first place, but also the type of game their fans truly wanted.

It’s a truly wonderful story of belief, effort, and vision. There is a real reason why review outlets wrote a whole new review for the game upon the release of their latest update. It’s just not the PR mess that it was when August of 2016 rolled around. 

For all of their effort, the r/NoMansSkyTheGame Reddit community banded together on crowd-funding platform GoFundMe to buy the billboard outside of the Hello Games studio office in Guildford, United Kingdom. 

“Hello Games has put in a heroic effort to get NMS to where it is today. As a community on r/NoMansSkyTheGame we'd like to express our thanks.

The funds will be used to print and install a billboard in Guildford UK, within walking distance of the Hello Games LTD office. I've made a very simple design but I'm open to changing it to get something we are all happy with.  

A portion of the funds will also be used to buy a case of beer and lunch for the team.”

According to the fundraising page, the next possible window to buy the billboard is for a 2-week period near the middle of August 2019. The proposal funds were raised in a blisteringly short amount of time, and they are sitting at more than $1,000 beyond their original goal. As the extra funds aren’t needed for the billboard, GoFundMe host Cam G posted an update saying that he will use the bonus funds to purchase games (copies of No Man’s Sky we presume) for sic kids. 

“I just want to say thanks to everyone who donated, all excess funds will be going toward giving games to sick kids. I'm really excited to share my vision for this cause. I'll be updating everyone on the process of this through the gofundme page, reddit and on discord,” wrote Cam G on GoFundMe. 

No Man’s Sky is currently available on all major platforms, and we’re certain that Hello Games has more content planned for the living open-universe game coming real soon.


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