CWL Anaheim Schedule, Pools, Bracket, and Live Stream

Nicholas Barth,

June 14, 2019 8:47 AM

The Call of Duty World League (CWL) Anaheim Open is here, and we have the schedule, pools, bracket, and live streams for the highly anticipated tournament covered for you.

The 2019 Call of Duty World League (CWL) season for Black Ops 4 has been an action-packed affair so far with a whole multitude of entertaining and highlight moments having already taken place. Another chapter of the 2019 CWL season for Black Ops 4 will be written down the weekend of Friday, June 14th to Sunday, June 16th, as the Anaheim Open tournament will be taking place. With a very lucrative prize pool and the title of CWL Anaheim champions on the line, fans can expect to see some high-level Call of Duty be delivered throughout all of the pools, schedule, losers and winners bracket, and live streams. If you are not wanting to miss a single second of the action from Anaheim this weekend, be sure to check out the tournament's schedule, pools, losers and winners bracket, and live streams gathered together below. 

CWL Anaheim Schedule Pools Bracket
100 Thieves will be looking to win its second straight tournament. (Source: Major League Gaming)

CWL Anaheim Day 1 Schedule

The first-day schedule of adrenaline-fueled Call of Duty esports action will be taking place on Friday, June 14th with each of the pools beginning to compete. Viewers can begin watching the live stream schedule of the tournament beginning at 2 PM PST/ 4 PM CST/ 5 PM EST on all four of the official Call of Duty World League Twitch channels. We will update this article with the official schedule for each day of the competition when each new schedule is made available. 

CWL Anaheim Pools

While there are sure to be plenty of exciting matches taking place in each of the pools for the tournament, none of the other pools have the potential to consistently deliver top tier action like Pool D. With defending London Open champions 100 Thieves going up against squads of Gen.G, Team Envy, and Luminosity, there is a wealth of talent that will be on display for each match. You can find all of the pools for the event below. 

CWL Anaheim Bracket

The losers and winners bracket for this weekend's event are not yet available, as they will begin once all of the final placements for the pools have been decided. We will update this article with the losers and winners bracket when the action from the pools has been finalized. 

Losers Bracket 


Winners Bracket


CWL Anaheim Live Stream

Fans who are not attending CWL Anaheim in person will be able to watch all of the action from the CWL Anaheim schedule on each of the four live streams that will be broadcasted on Twitch. You can find each official live stream for the Call of Duty esports competition below.

There is plenty on the line for all of the competing teams this weekend at CWL Anaheim, and there will surely be plenty of exciting moments to experience throughout the event's schedule, pools, losers and winners bracket, and live streams for Call of Duty esports fans. 


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