A Ryze of Tide and Nerfed Cats - 3Keys 9.12

Wyatt Fossett,

June 14, 2019 10:17 AM

There have been a few very strong changes in League of Legends game patch 9.12 and we're here to talk about the three keys.

We’re a few days into the latest patch for League of Legends and there are some pretty tiny tweaks within it that offer minor adjustments, but it's a glaringly large update for three major champions in the game right now. 

League of Legends Patch 9.12 is also the delivery method for the new Dark Cosmic skins for Jhin, Shaco, and Karma. In addition, this update introduces the world to the newly reworked champion Mordekaiser

Normally we get to spread around the three biggest takeaways across multiple sections of a patch’s notes, but this time around there are three large sets of notes on three of the most prominent champions in the game right now. With that said, here are the three biggest keys to the League of Legends game patch 9.12. 

Impatience Ryzes

With the climb of his popularity in solo queues, to match his ever-popular presence on the pro stages, it was about time that Ryze got some tiny nerfs across the board to even him out and allow for other lane opponents to get more time in the spotlight. 

The Ryze buffs go as deep as adjusting his base Mana amount to 300 from 400 out of the gate, but it bumps up his base regen. This means that level 1 fights against Ryze will be less scary, but that Ryze will also be able to recover that spent mana a bit faster. 

There are notable changes across the board here. Biggest of which is the removal of bounce damage and flux pass-off upon death on Ryze’s ‘E’ Spell Flux. 

Shackles of Sylas

Patch 9.12 also brings a whole pile of changes to one of the most controversial champions ever to be made for League of Legends, Sylas. The feisty and crazy adaptive heavy laner is a real pain in the butt in almost any situation that they are in. 

In this patch, standing above everything else on the change-list for Sylas, the update for minion damage on his Passive ability Petricite Burst will make Sylas a much less effective wave clearer during the major solo-lane phases. 

Caturday Night Fever

There’s no denying that the introduction of Yuumi the Magical Cat to League of Legends shook a whole lot up these past few weeks. Now, thanks to some of the overpowered nature and frustrating playstyle of Yuumi, there are some balance tweaks on the way in a major way.

The largest of these changes is the adaptation of Yuumi’s ‘W’ You and Me! This dash and attach move will finally be affected by any and all immobilizing crowd-control abilities. Instead of being a horribly difficult champion to lock down due to most immobilizing abilities not being able to control her, there will be better tools for defense and control during Yuumi's dash move. 


Looking at all of the changes that arrived in League of Legends patch 9.12, expect to see a little bit less Sylas in the top-lanes, and be a tiny bit less afraid of hitting up a lane against a Yuumi duo. 

This weekend’s LEC action will still be played on Patch 9.11, but there’s a possibility that the LCS will be on 9.12.


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