Vancouver's Esports Arena The Gaming Stadium Opens June 28th

Wyatt Fossett,

June 15, 2019 8:32 AM

One of Canada's most premiere Esports arenas is set to open in just a few weeks.

The Pacific Northwest is on the cusp of getting it’s first-ever true Esports Arena and events center and the folks behind  The Gaming Stadium have finally announced an official opening date for their new facility.

(courtesy The Gaming Stadium)
(courtesy The Gaming Stadium)

With experienced Esports community and industry members on the team, The Gaming Stadium has had one thing on its mind since it began construction on it’s 100 + spectator digital arena, and that’s to be the premier space for Esports. 

Whether it’s hosting events, tournaments,  boot-camps, or viewing parties, The Gaming Stadium located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada is going to be the biggest and best home for all kinds of Esports activities. 

"Myesports Ventures Ltd, a company hyper focused on building Canada’s first esports Arena, is proud to announce that The Gaming Stadium is opening its doors on June 28, 2019 at its new facility in Richmond, British Columbia. The Gaming Stadium is a center of excellence HUB for esports competitions, training, gaming leagues and tournaments."

Beginning on June 28th, The Gaming Stadium is going to be hosting plenty of competitive gaming events.. 

As part of their Summer Circuit, players will be able to reserve their spot and participate in a 12-Week tournament in popular Esports titles such as Fortnite, CS:GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends. 

“We are positioning TGS to lead in the space by delivering tournaments, leagues, training programs for new esport athletes and programs to support the existing pro player base. The beauty of the arena is that it’s also multi-faceted which allows us to service both the competitive side of esports as well as the Content Production side by capturing our athletes in action during live and streamed competitions. There is something for everyone, whether you’re a potential gamer, streamer, or just someone who wants to come and watch game-play, we’ve got you covered,” says Spiro Khouri, VP of Sales & Marketing.

Beyond their own space, The Gaming Stadium as a group looks to be taking a big role in the development of both local and Canadian Esports. Recently, they’ve become a title sponsor of The Pinnacle 2019, one of the Pacific NorthWest’s more premiere fighting game tournaments. 

(courtesy The Gaming Stadium)
(courtesy The Gaming Stadium)

For more information regarding upcoming events and locations, be sure to check out The Gaming Stadium on the web. For registration and sign-up information for The Pinnacle 2019, head over to

We’re going to be sharing more about The Gaming Stadium as events and news unfold.


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