2019 League of Legends World Championship Is Heading to Paris

Wyatt Fossett,

June 20, 2019 11:28 AM

The Grand Finals will be held in Paris, France while the Play-Ins stage and Knockout Stage will be played in Berlin and Madrid respectively.

It’s pretty fitting that the same year a European team would win the Mid-Season Invitational would be the same season that EU as a region would host the World Championship.

Just a few weeks ago we were gifted with one of the most exciting international tournament finals ever as MSI 2019 saw both the North American representative and European representative qualified for the Grand Finals. Part of that excitement will now transfer over to the 2019 Worlds celebration. 


The newly-minted League of Legends European Championship circuit (or LEC) will play host to the play-in stage live at their broadcasting studios in Berlin, Germany.

In total, 12 teams will participate in play-ins at the LEC studios, and they include: 

  • CBLOL (Brazil) Team
  • LCL (Russia) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LCK (South Korea) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LCS (North America) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LEC (Europe) Team
  • LJL (Japan) Team
  • LLA (Latin America) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LMS ( Chinese Taipei ) Team
  • OPL (Australia ) Team
  • LST (Southeast Asia) Team
  • TCL (Turkey) Team
  • 2nd Seeded VCS (Vietnam) Team

Play-Ins will be played from October 2nd - 8th, 2019. 


Once the advancing four teams are chosen, the Worlds 2019 Group-Stage will begin and that is also going to be taking part in Berlin, Germany, although it will be a little bit down the street from the LEC studios at the Verti Music Hall.

Aside from the four play-in teams that qualify for the Group-Stage, these teams will auo-qualify for the Groups; 

  • 1st Seeded LCK (South Korea) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LCK (South Korea) Team
  • 1st Seeded LCS (North America) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LCS (North America) Team
  • 1st Seeded LEC (Europe) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LEC (Europe) Team
  • 1st Seeded LMS (Chinese Taipei) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LMS (Chiniese Taipei) Team
  • 1st Seeded LPL (China) Team
  • 2nd Seeded LPL (China) Team
  • 3rd Seeded LPL (China) Team
  • 1st Seeded VCS (Vietnam) Team

As for dates, the 2019 Worlds Group-Stage will take place from October 12th - 20th in Berlin. 

Quarters and Semis

Eight teams will move on from the Group-Stage into the Elimination tournament that will move from Berlin to Madrid, Spain.  

Live from the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid, the Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals will take place from October 26th - 27th before the Semifinal matches take place a week later on November 2nd - 3rd. 


At long last, the two Semifinal winners will get a week of prep and practice time before having to face-off in a final best-of-five to determine who will be crowned the 2019 League of Legends World Champions.

Location - AccorHotels Arena, Paris, France. 

Date - Sunday, November 10th, 2019

Timezone - Central European Time (CET)



There is still a whole lot of League of Legends to be played in the coming months as all regions around the world continue to progress through their Summer Splits, but the announcement of location for Worlds 2019 definitely has us thinking to the end of the year.

(courtesy Riot Games)
(courtesy Riot Games)

Information regarding purchasing or pricing of Worlds 2019 tickets will be revealed soon, according to Riot Games. 

What do you think of the announced locations for the 2019 League of Legends World Championships?


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