The JJoNak Overwatch League MVP Skin Has Been Revealed

Wyatt Fossett,

June 22, 2019 10:14 AM

The first-ever Legendary Skin designed with a specific Overwatch League player in mind is coming, and it's a wonderful ode to one of the best Zenyatta's on earth.

Yesterday we shared a story about the Overwatch League teasing a very special Legendary Hero skin to celebrate the MVP Award given to New York Excelsior's Seong-Hyun “JJoNak” Bang. 

After a little bit of fun on social media with the fans -- asking them to guess and draw their own ideation of the JJoNak sking -- the team finally revealed the real deal and it’s quite a beautiful and interesting Legendary skin. 

According to a behind-the-scenes blog post, the conversations that the skin and hero design team had with JJoNak about his MVP skin didn’t ever dive into concepts for the skin itself. Rather, the team merely tried to get to know JJoNak as a person. Obviously, looking at the end result, the team really latched on to JJoNak’s favorite animal, the Octopus. 

“After I saw the skin, I felt that I wanted to be this season’s MVP again,” JJoNak admitted. “I guess it’s greedy to want two skins for both last season and this season, but I still want to be MVP again.”

“I think this is something I’m going to talk about with pride for my entire life,” JJoNak said finally. “I think it’s an honor, and I’m going to be grateful for the rest of my life.”

The Overwatch League isn’t the first professional Esports series to award winners and champions with exclusively designed skins. The League of Legends team has always been great at coming up with really cool and unique skins for specific champions to celebrate each year’s World Champions.

Being that an Overwatch League team can be rather large in roster, it makes sense that the developers decided to pinpoint the player specifically awarded the MVP trophy from the inaugural Overwatch League season. 

The Zen-Nakji Legendary skin for Zenyatta (JJoNak’s signature hero) will be available in-game starting on June 27th and will become unavailable on July 14th, 2019. There’s no exact word yet on how much the Legendary JJoNak MVP Skin will cost, but most of the legendaries sold previously were 400 League Tokens.


The Overwatch League Stage 3 continues today at 12:00 PM Pacific Time as Season 1 Champions the London Spitfire take on the Washington Justice live at the Blizzard Arena. 


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