LA Valiant End Vancouver Titans' 19-Game OWL Winning Streak

Wyatt Fossett,

June 23, 2019 7:42 PM

"All good things must come to an end" reads the Overwatch League's Vancouver Titans' post-game tweet. At the hands of the hometown heroes no less.

It’s been a wild ride for both the Vancouver Titans and the Los Angeles Valiant Overwatch League teams and today history was made as the Titans lost their very first regular season match in their Overwatch League history. 

(courtesy Blizzard Ent.)
(courtesy Blizzard Ent.)

The ex-Korean Contenders Champions in the Runaways came over to North America as part of the Vancouver Titans expansion team to start this season and they brought the heat. Through two and half stages, they hadn’t lost a single regular season match all year. Their only loss coming in the Stage 2 Grand Finals against the San Francisco Shock. Prior to that they won Stage 1 in their first-ever season, and have gone on to only grow their lead over the league. 

Today, however, the team tried some interesting things, putting their star Zarya on Sombra, and sticking their off-take onto the charge-canon damage dealing tank. 

Across the stage at the Blizzard Arena sat the always feisty but often lackluster Los Angeles Valiant. On this day though, the Valiant stood tall and used their superior grasp of the evolving META to hand the scary Titans their first Overwatch League loss. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which team you are) the match from Sunday doesn’t do a whole lot for the standings. Vancouver is still in 1st place by a tiny margin overall, and the Los Angeles Valiant is still in 17th out of 20 teams. 

For Stage 3 standings, however, the loss bumps the Vancouver Titans out of first place, handing the honor over to the NYXL. They are still (for now) up one win on the SF Shock (who also suffered a crucial loss this stage), but have played one more game than they have. Dropping 3 maps today means that Vancouver winds up with a +10 map differential so far in Stage 3. That’s two ahead of 1st place New York, and two behind 3rd place San Francisco. It may not mean a whole lot now, but the tally in the “L” column might make the end of the Stage really interesting at the top of the standings. 

For the Valiant. They are on a crazy roll this stage. They’ve racked up 4 wins and only 1 loss in five games. Those include wins against the Dragons, the Spark, a sweep against the Hunters, and now a win against the best team in Overwatch.

Week 4 of Stage 3 in this season of the Overwatch League will kick-off next Thursday, June 27th where this exact Los Angeles Valiant team will take on the Hangzhou Spark at roughly 5:30 PM Pacific Time. 

The Titans will have a few days off to start next week before they get a shot at redemption against the other Los Angeles team, the Gladiators. Will Vancouver be able to start a fresh undefeated streak? Or is this the end of the Titans’ reign on the Overwatch League?


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