KEEMSTAR Monday Minecraft Week 1 Bracket, Live Stream, Rules

Nicholas Barth,

June 24, 2019 7:44 AM

Week 1 of the KEEMSTAR Monday Minecraft UMG tournament kicks off today, and we have the bracket, live stream, and rules for the highly anticipated event covered for you in one spot!

YouTuber Daniel "KEEMSTAR" Keem has been behind some of the most popular grassroots competitive gaming tournaments in the past couple of years. While the Friday Fortnite tournament has easily been the most popular of these events created by KEEMSTAR, Week 1 of the new Minecraft Monday tournament is ready to be just as popular with its bracket filled with a multitude of high-profile content creators competing. If you are not wanting to miss any of the action from Week 1 of Minecraft Monday, be sure to check out the event's bracket, live stream, and rules below. 

KEEMSTAR Monday Minecraft Bracket

In the same manner, as of Friday Fortnite, the bracket for Week 1 of this KEEMSTAR competition will see teams comprised of some of the biggest content creators across the Earth from the worlds of Twitch and YouTube competing with and against each other to be crowned champions. From Tyler "Ninja" Belvins to Vikram "Vikkstar123" Singh Barn, the competitors for the Week 1 bracket for Minecraft Monday by KEEMSTAR will no doubt be bringing plenty of viewers to watch all of the entertaining action. 

You can find the official bracket for the KEEMSTAR Minecraft Monday Week 1 tournament below. We will update this article with a live bracket and or standings when they are first made available. 

KEEMSTAR Monday Minecraft Week 1 Bracket
(Source: KEEMSTAR)

KEEMSTAR Monday Minecraft Live Stream

Viewers will be able to watch all of the live action from the event on the official UMG Twitch channel at 1 PM PST/ 3 PM CST/ 4 PM EST on June 24th. An embedded version of the live stream broadcast can be found below for your viewing convenience. 

KEEMSTAR Monday Minecraft Rules

The highly anticipated competition will see teams trying to accumulate the most points out of all of the competing teams by being one of the last teams standing, securing wins, and collecting eliminations. You can find the official set of rules for Week 1 of the upcoming tournament below. 

KEEMSTAR Monday Minecraft
(Source: KEEMSTAR)

With a large array of popular players competing in the bracket and live stream of the Week 1 KEEMSTAR Monday Minecraft tournament, there are sure to be plenty of noteworthy highlights that will be remembered for some time when the dust finally settles on June 24th. 

(cover photo courtesy of UMG Gaming)


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