Teamfight Tactics Champion Pool for League of Legends

Nicholas Barth,

June 26, 2019 1:01 PM

Knowing the Teamfight Tactics champion pool for League of Legends will help you choose the very best team in order to secure victory over your opponents.

The League of Legends community has become smitten with the popular title's new game mode of Teamfight Tactics, as it takes the new found excitement for the auto chess genre and overhauls it with League of Legends flavor. One of the most important aspects of Teamfight Tactics is the game mode's champion pool, as this is where you will draft champions from to fight for you in matches. If you are curious about the popular game mode's champion pool, be sure to check out everything you need to know about it below.

Teamfight Tactics Champion Pool
Draven is a member of the Teamfight Tactics champion pool. (Source: Riot Games)

Teamfight Tactics Champion Pool

The champion pool for Teamfight Tactics splits up the usable champions into 10 classes and 13 origins. 

You can find the official description from developer Riot Games regarding the classes and origins that make up the Teamfight Tactics champion pool for League of Legends below. 

Origins - "A champion's origin describes where they hail from, or where their allegiance lies. Deploy multiple unique champions with the same origin to unlock powerful trait bonuses! Copies of the same champion all benefit from their origin bonus, but only the first counts for determining how many unique champions you have deployed, even if your copies are different star levels. Each origin has its own unique bonus."

Classes - "A champion's class describes how they fight and functions similarly to their origin, conferring additional trait bonuses based on how many unique members of that class you have on your team (duplicate champions don't count here, either)."

Detailed information regarding each class and origin can be found in the recently released gameplay guide for Teamfight Tactics from Riot Games

You can find the official character pool for League of Legends below with each character organized by its class and origin. 

Teamfight Tactics Champion Pool
(Source: Riot Games)


It remains to be seen how Riot Games plans to expand the roster for the new game mode, but it would not be surprising to see many more League of Legends champions become available in the Teamfight Tactics champion pool for players to use in their matches.

What are your thoughts on the current champion pool for the new League of Legends game mode of Teamfight Tactics? Let us know in the comments below!


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