Seoul Dynasty's Fissure Confirms Retirement From Overwatch League

Matt Buchholtz,

June 27, 2019 3:00 AM

Fissure - the Overwatch League's most handsome, best main tank - is retiring from Seoul Dynasty, joining a growing list of great players that have stepped back from the competitive scene.

Today, the Seoul Dynasty announced the retirement of main tank Chan-hyung "Fissure" Baek from the Overwatch League. The decision to retire is effective immediately, so fans of the league’s most handsome main tank will not get a chance to see him perform one last time before he steps down.

An announcement was posted to the team’s Twitter account, the Seoul Dynasty clarified that they respected Fissure’s decision to step down and that they mutually agreed to terminate the tank player’s contract. Fissure had mentioned on a stream earlier this week that he may take a break from the Overwatch League and competition, and even contemplated not returning for the rest of Season Two. 

Fissure had started his Overwatch League career with the London Spitfire, but often found himself in the shadow of Jae-hee "Gesture" Hong. Looking to find more playtime, Fissure was traded to the Los Angeles Gladiators, where he became known for his aggressive playstyle. Seeing him clash against Gesture in the match-ups between the Gladiators and Spitfire made for some of the best narrative moments in the League’s first season - one that saw a player who wanted to be the very best working to prove himself against the talent that his team honored as their starter.

Following some drama near the end of the Inaugural Season - Fissure did not take the stage during the playoffs, most likely the cause of the Gladiators falling twice to the London Spitfire and losing their chance to play at the Grand Finals - Fissure was traded to the Seoul Dynasty. Fissure appeared happy to be on the Korean team, and performed well… when he was put in. For someone who enjoys the spotlight and the glory as much as Fissure, one can expect that the extended time on the bench weighed heavily on their decision to retire.

We surely will miss Fissure’s humor, talent, and absolutely pogger plays, and wish him nothing but the best as he continues on in life.


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