Apex Legends Season 2 Map Changes Guide

Nicholas Barth,

June 27, 2019 9:55 AM

Apex Legends will see major map changes to Kings Canyon when Season 2 arrives, and we will have them all covered for you.

Thursday, June 27th saw Respawn Entertainment officially reveal the Season 2 launch trailer for its battle royale title of Apex Legends, and it delivered plenty of exciting things for players to witness. However, one of the biggest things that the Apex Legends Season 2 launch trailer hinted at for the upcoming period of new content is that several map changes will be taking place thanks to a wide range of destruction that has hit Kings Canyon. If you are curious about what these map changes are, be sure to check out all of the currently known information about the Apex Legends Season 2 map changes below. 

Apex Legends Season 2 Map Changes
a large amount of destruction will cause plenty of changes to the map of Apex Legends in Season 2. 

Apex Legends Season 2 Map Changes

The brand new trailer for the battle royale game showed off a character setting off an explosion of the tower that supplies the power for the shield that surrounds Kings Canyon. This destruction of the shield tower led to a whole flock of Flyers invading Kings Canyon in addition to allowing a Leviathan to begin stampeding across the battle royale game's landscape. 

While the Apex Legends community will have to wait to see the exact map changes that Respawn Entertainment has implemented for Season 2 when the new period of content officially launches on July 2nd, the new launch trailer hinted at the kinds of map changes that players can expect to see in the future. 

These Apex Legends Season 2 map changes will likely consist of certain areas having been destroyed by the Flyers and Leviathans. This destruction could possibly lead to these areas reverting back to a more natural state instead of the industrial style that players have known up until now. 

There is also the possibility that some of the Apex Legends Season 2 map changes will consist of players now having to be on the lookout for the Flyers and Leviathans, as they could become environmental hazards that will attack players in addition to enemy players throughout Apex Legends Season 2. 

We will continue to update this article with all of the Apex Legends Season 2 map changes for Kings Canyon when they are officially revealed on July 2nd. What kind of additions or alterations would you like to see to the environment of the battle royale title? Let us know in the comments below!


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