How to Watch League of Legends Rift Rivals 2019

Wyatt Fossett,

June 27, 2019 10:19 AM

Starting today, the competitive festivities of a North American versus Europe League of Legends tournament kicks off!

With the three best teams in both the North American and European regions meeting up at the LCS arena in Los Angeles this week, both leagues will have a weekend off. For those six teams, however, regional pride is on the line. It's time for Rift Rivals 2019!

While some might say that the success of both regions during this year's Mid-Season Invitational international tournament dissolves any need for a Rift Rivals tournament, fans of either region or competitive League of Legends are going to be in for a treat. 



G2 Esports



North America

Team Liquid

Team SoloMid


Schedule / Format

Each of the three teams from either region will play the other regions squads once over the course of the next two days for a “group stage” before a best-of-five relay style race will be played for the Finals. 

Thursday, June 27

11:45 AM –  NA vs. EU Classic Show Match

12:30 PM – C9 vs. G2

1:30 PM – TL vs. FNC

2:30 PM – Side Selection 2v2 Match

3:00 PM – TSM vs. OG

4:00 PM – Side Selection 2v2 Match

4:30 PM – C9 vs. FNC

Friday, June 28

12:00 PM – Side Selection 2v2 Match

12:30 PM – TL vs. G2

1:30 PM – C9 vs. OG

2:30 PM – TSM vs. G2

3:30 PM – TL vs. OG

4:30 PM – TSM vs. FNC

5:30 PM – 2v2 Gauntlet

Saturday, June 29

12:00 PM – Relay Race Finals: Game 1

1:00 PM – Relay Race Finals: Game 2

2:00 PM – Relay Race Finals: Game 3

3:00 PM – Relay Race Finals: Game 4

4:00 PM – Relay Race Finals: Game 5

Each day, matches begin at 9:00 PM Central European, or 12:00 PM Pacific Time. 


You can catch all of the action live from the LCS Arena on the Riot Games Twitch and YouTube channels.

Watch live video from Riot Games on


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