Teamfight Tactics Tier List Guide for League of Legends

Nicholas Barth,

June 27, 2019 1:03 PM

We have discovered an impressive Teamfight Tactics tier list for the popular League of Legends game mode that should help you secure even more victories.

Teamfight Tactics is the hot new game mode for the popular Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title of League of Legends and has already captivated the video game community with its entertaining and satisfactory gameplay. With players having the ability to use a variety of League of Legends champions for their Teamfight Tactics team, the community has been searching for a tier list to reference in order to make sure they are choosing the very best champions for their battles, and we have discovered one tier list that should help you in your own decision making.

Teamfight Tactics Tier List

Now, with the new League of Legends game mode of Teamfight Tactics having only recently been made available on the live servers for a few regions, there will definitely be major changes coming to any tier list heading into the future. However, League of Legends analytical platform has created an early ranking of characters that should help any player be able to choose a team of powerful champions to help them secure victory over their opponents. 

You can find the current Teamfight Tactics tier list from below. 

Teamfight Tactics Tier List

This ranking of characters will also likely change with the expected addition of more League of Legends champions in the future, as the growth of the popular game mode's roster will certainly affect how effective various characters are. While players should always play with characters that they themselves are talented with and find fun to use in a match, it is never a bad idea to start off using top characters from a tier list like this one from for Teamfight Tactics above if they are unsure of which League of Legends characters they should play as. 

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