Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Location and Inventory for June 28

Jeff Kotuby,

June 28, 2019 8:52 AM

Xur's makes his last appearance of June, check out what he has for Destiny 2 players during the weekend of June 28.

Xur is kicking off the summer with a bang! For the uninitiated, Xur is the seller of exotic items and other pieces of loot that players have the ability to purchase. However, the location of Xur in Destiny 2 is not made known clearly to players and forces them to find the location of Xur in Destiny 2. If you are asking yourself where is Xur today, do not worry, as we have his location and inventory covered for you for the weekend of June 28-July 1.

Xur Destiny 2 Location and Inventory Today, June 28

Destiny 2 players will be able to find the mysterious Agent of the Nine in the Tower, by the Dead Orbit rep.

In line with previous weeks, Destiny 2 players will have the option to purchase one exotic weapon, three pieces of gear with one belonging to each class of guardian and other consumable items. Each piece of gear costs Guardians 23 legendary shards to purchase, while the weapon will require 29 legendary shards for players to add it to their inventories. 

  • Exotic Weapon - Vigilance Wing, Pulse Rifle
  • Exotic Hunter Gear - St0mp-EE5, Boots
  • Exotic Titan Gear -  One-Eyed Mask, Helm
  • Exotic Warlock Gear - Chromatic Fire, Chestpiece


Image courtesy Light.gg

Obviously it's One-Eyed Mask. The PVP staple comes back after Xur just had it in stock. One-Eyed Mask places a marks the first person to deal damage to you. Track down and destroy said enemy for increased damage and overshield. Very strong. Its other perks are a bit lackluster this go-around, but you're really only in it for Vengeance, really. Vigilance Wing is also a must-buy for the PVP players. Its Exotic Perk gives it a 5-round burst, and when a nearby ally is killed, you'll gain health regeneration and increased movement speed. The other two class items are nice pickups if you don't have them already. 

Xur's collection is better than it's been in a few previous weeks, so be sure to get in their and get your piece of his prices before the weekend's out!


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