Summer Games Done Quick Breaks $3 Million in Final Minutes

Wyatt Fossett,

June 29, 2019 11:04 PM

Just a few months after Awesome Games Done Quick set a new donation total record in the history of the event, Summer Games Done Quick came and set a new record!

Twice a year hundreds of speedrunners and fans of the genre gather in a large room and celebrate both their community, and the extremely great achievements they can all do when they gather. Raising money for charity in a non-stop 7 full days of speedrunning. 

(courtesy Games Done Quick)
(courtesy Games Done Quick)

We’re merely hours outside of the finale for Summer Games Done Quick, so the internet is still buzzing, especially when you consider that the 2019 edition of SGDQ managed to break the $3,000,000 raised mark. A first for the program. 

The final tally of donations from SGDQ 2019 comes as a bit of a shock, considering the roll of the ticker had slowed down quite a bit in the final day and a half. In the late afternoon of Thursday, the Summer Games Done Quick ticker flew passed $1,000,000 earlier than any other Games Done Quick event has in the past. 

Luckily, with the help of a few really solid donation incentives, and the needs of a few loyal fans to see the final runner -- Puwexil, running a 100% Chrono Trigger speedrun -- have to go out of his way to fight an annoying boss that could have easily ended his run. 

The final day of the Summer Games Done Quick Marathon was fantastic, with the amazing final 6-hour-long Chrono Trigger run, on top of some pretty amazing randomizer relays, and a Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee run. 

Watch SGDQ 2019 benefiting Doctors Without Borders - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from GamesDoneQuick on

Over the course of the entire event there have been some pretty epic runs. Like Zallard1’s blind-folded Wii Punch-Out run, and many more! 

It’s always a pleasure to witness the meticulously trained abilities of speedrunners break a whole mountain of popular (and unpopular) games all week long. The final total raised during Summer Games Done Quick peaked at $3,003,889 for Doctor’s Without Borders.


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