CEO Has a Pageantry That Even EVO Could Learn From

TJ Denzer,

June 30, 2019 3:52 PM

CEO 2019 is reaching its final swing, but even now, it's had moments that are going to be burned into our memories.

CEO 2019 is coming down to its final moments in Daytona, Florida. It’s been a weekend full of good fighting and solid performances by players from around the world. It may not be over yet, but once again, CEO has turned out something that stands far out from other tournaments like it. Alex Jebailey and crew put on a show that draws the eyes and even the greatest tournaments could take a lesson or two from it.

A undeniable portion of the larger-than-life atmosphere that CEO 2019 exuded came right from Fyter Fest. All Elite Wrestling joined in on the festivities with a wrestling show that featured a phenomenal Street Fighter 2-styled entrance by Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, the incredible Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley, and even a match with Alex Jebailey himself against Michael Nakazawa in a Hardcore Rules match. Love it or hate it, it was a hell of an offering to the overall competition and fans that encompassed the fun and extravagance on display throughout the weekend.

Even so, it wasn't in any way limited to a wrestling show. Before and during CEO’s Finals, we saw some big moments throughout the competition. Whether it was Scar keeping his calm in the face of an extreme popoff, Knee walking away proudly with Infinity Gauntlet on hand in his Tekken Finals win, or Dragon being accompanied by some impressive cosplay of his main character Cetrion to the ring (just to name a few), CEO 2019's design allows for its players to have all of their moments and more. And the players do their part in driving the passion of enthusiasm and competition.

Then again, a big part of it is in making way for those opportunities to happen. CEO seems to do this almost a little bit better than anyone else. Don’t get us wrong. EVO is amazing. We’ve been there. We’ve seen the love. We’ve seen the energy. We live and breathe it. But there’s a special kind of life and extravagance in CEO from top to bottom. The presentation, the play, the events - Everything is built to make it as much of a show as it is a tournament series, and it continues nailing that feeling down harder and harder every year. CEO 2018 was a heck of a show too, and lo and behold, CEO 2019 handily topped it in our honest opinions.

When the dust settles, we’ve still got a monstrous EVO 2019 to look forward to, for the masterclass display of talent and a ridiculously over-the-top production to go with the event, Alex Jebailey and the rest of the CEO crew continue to make it a must-see on the year’s FGC circuit.

[Featured Image by Alex Jebailey/CEO]


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