Insert Controller Here Creates Rage Quit Controller That Operates On Salt

TJ Denzer,

July 3, 2019 3:16 PM

The Insert Controller Here channel has our collective number. They made a controller that operates on salt and rage quits games.

Everyone has a bad game now and then. You get booped off a cliff. You get tea-bagged into oblivion. All of the ultimate attacks seem to hit you anytime you show your face. Salt is real, but one ingenuous creative over on the Overwatch and Smash Bros Subreddits has made something that harnesses real-life salt to convey your metaphorical salt. Insert Controller Here put together a controller that when activated (literally by salt), serves the sole purpose of quitting a game.

The controller was posted on the Smash Bros Subreddit on July 1, 2019 and the Overwatch Subreddit on July 2, both with demonstrations of how they work. The controller operates on a glass filled with distilled water and equipped with a couple electrical nodes and a microcontroller. When salt is poured into the glass, the distilled water’s resistance decreases. The nodes recognize this specific change in the water and send a signal to the respective game that opens the menus and selects the appropriate option to quit the game immediately. It’s bitter science! You can check out the Smash version in action below.

It should go without saying, this is more than appropriate for a large corner of the gaming community. We all have bad days in gaming and a physical action for bad times sounds almost therapeutic on top of its functionality (and is likely preferable to destroying good equipment). The Insert Controller Here channel has tackled other creative and comedic projects of the sort as well, including a fishing rod controller that works with Isabella in Smash Ultimate and even a Spam controller that provides move-spamming goodness for those who don’t need all those other unnecessary buttons.

Alternative gaming control mechanisms are always interesting to see, but it’s pretty hilarious to know we can finally poor salt on that loss thanks to Insert Controller Here. Be sure to follow their YouTube channel and Twitter for their latest projects!

Want to see more cool controllers in action? Check out Rudeism, who put together a one-button controller for Super Mario 64 and beat the game with it.


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