Team Liquid Win ESL One Cologne 2019 and Cement Grand Slam

Wyatt Fossett,

July 7, 2019 12:07 PM

Team Liquid's Counter-Strike team are the best in the world, maybe even the greatest in modern Counter-Strike history.

It’s been a bit of back and forth few years for Team Liquid’s Counter-Strike Global Offensive team, however, their dominance returned when it came time to take the stage during ESL One Cologne today. 

(courtesy ESL)
(courtesy ESL)

Absolutely smashing their way to the Grand Finals on Sunday in Cologne, Team Liquid didn’t let up on the gas pedal in any way when it came to their winner-take-all final matchup against Team Vitality in front of thousands of fans in attendance. 

Taking the head-to-head 3 Games to 1, Team Liquid showed their strength the whole way through to lifting the trophy. In the final map, Team Liquid took it to Team Vitality, winning it to a score of 16 - 8 on Mirage. 

Unfortunately for a very impressive looking Team Vitality--a squad we will be hearing a whole lot from in the coming months--they worked their butts off all weekend only to run into the impossible task. 

Very recently, Team Liquid struggled a bit to close out some matches on the big CS:GO Major stages, seeming to have a problem with maintaining momentum and consistency. Back in March, they would drop out of IEM Katowice in the Quarterfinals, being swept out of the Major by an ENCE Esports squad that would eventually lose in the Finals. 

Hopefully, riding the successful dominance they put on display in Cologne, this particular Team Liquid line-up will be able to maintain something off of this big win, and truly narrow down on what it is that makes them so formidable. If nothing else, their continued appearance at or near the top of every important CS:GO tournament the world over cement this Liquid CS team as the best in the world. 

With their fourth victory in 5 Majors, Team Liquid CS:GO also completes the Grand Slam--a prize of $1,000,000 to the first team to win four S-tier majors organized by ESL or Dreamhack--beating out the only other major winner of the year in Astralis by a score of 4-1. The Intel Grand Slam is amazing, and doing it in dominating fashion like Team Liquid have, winning four Majors in a row (IEM Masters XIV, DH Dallas, ESL Pro Finals, ESL One Cologne) is an astounding accomplishment. 

Next up for the CS:GO scene is the Blast Pro Series: Los Angeles tournament in just under a week.


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