Borderlands 3 Will Feature A Ping System & Further Accessibility Options

TJ Denzer,

July 8, 2019 9:45 AM

It would appear that Borderlands 3 is set to feature a ping system and further accessibility options that will open the playing field to a more diverse audience.

As time goes on and technology grows, so do the advances in accessibility. When Apex Legends came out, its ping system was one of the most diversely useful features of a single button press in a game in a long time. It would appear that Borderlands 3 has (rightfully) taken notice and is aiming to create its own form of this communication system for people who want to more clearly communicate intentions or needs, or just don’t want to talk at all! This comes in alongside a slew of other accessibility options aimed at opening Borderlands 3 up to a more diverse audience and their needs.

Borderlands 3’s ping system was demonstrated in a brief video recently on July 2, 2019, via the Borderlands YouTube channel. As like Apex Legends’ system, it would appear that one button press with the reticle pointed at any given thing will supply a number of context sensitive notifications to fellow team members. Point at some ammo, an enemy, or an objective, and you’ll call it out to your friends. We didn’t get to see if you can put more context into the pings like when you hold down the button to open the ping menu in Apex, but it appears you can use it to achieve a variety of communication with your fellow Vault Hunters. Check out the system in action below.

The ping system for Borderlands 3 joins the growing list of new social features for the game, which previously included weapon and gear trading, loot instancing and more. Additionally, controls are remappable, closed captioning and subtitles, and Xbox Adaptive Controller support was also confirmed in a Guardian Con Panel, as per PC Gamer. It would appear that Gearbox is really going out of its way to make social engagement a next-level effort in Borderlands 3. Apex Legends achieved an immense result with its ping system that would eventually be copied by games like Fortnite.

The system has proven to create an awesome tier of communication even without having to jump on a mic (or allowing you to avoid a mic with other players entirely). It’s a great feature to have and we’re happy to see a vast co-op game like Borderlands adapt it in addition to other features that will allow more people to play and enjoy the game. Apex Legends’ interestingly simple little system is proving to be one that every game featuring communication between players ought to have.

Want to hear more on accessibility? Recently Xbox confirmed that its Project xCloud and streaming services will also support the Xbox Adaptive Controller.


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