100 Thieves Adds Head of Apparel, Sells $500K in 5 Minutes.

Wyatt Fossett,

July 9, 2019 5:44 PM

The news comes straight from the 100 Thieves camp this morning, detailing the addition of Doug Barber as Head of Apparel.

Just a month after launching what has got to be considered one of the hottest apparel collections in all of pop-culture and gaming, 100 Thieves--known for their LCS League of Legends Team and Call of Duty World League Team--announced that they have hired Doub Barber as their Vice President of Brand of Apparel. 

100 Thieves Winter '18 Collection
100 Thieves Winter '18 Collection

It’s pretty rare for young or old Esports organizations to have a Head of Apparel, but one of the major influences that 100 Thieves has on the community is their style. In a world where Esports and gamers have always been considered slightly “less cool” in more ways than one, a new era of freshly styled public figures being the leaders in this industry. 

Now, as they continue to be at the forefront of the fashion game, 100 Thieves is bringing a seasoned apparel professional on board to oversee what has recently become a huge product line-up. 

Doug Barber / Matt Haag / John Robinson
Doug Barber / Matt Haag / John Robinson

Prior to joining 100 Thieves, Barber was Head of Brand for Reigning Champ, a premium lifestyle brand focused on both performance apparel and streetwear. As the architect of the brand since its re-launch in 2011, Barber was responsible for the development of the company’s brand identity, apparel, and storefronts. Most notably, Barber led the collaborations between Reigning Champ and Kith, Adidas, and the NBA. In addition, Barber led the development and creation of Reigning Champ’s retail stores in Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles.

“I was a fan of 100 Thieves from afar and couldn’t help but notice its incredibly passionate fanbase,” said 100 Thieves VP Brand & Apparel, Doug Barber. “Building an authentic lifestyle brand for the broader gaming community is an ambitious challenge that I look forward to tackling with Matt and John.”


Back in May, 100 Thieves teased and dropped their latest apparel line-up. Dubbed the Spring Collection, 100 Thieves set a date and threw out the word. 

Being that their line-up of franchise ownership, and the majority of their players, are all outspoken and popular on social media, the apparel drop needed the bare minimum. A YouTube video here, a tweet with a teased out photograph, and the hype was real. 

100 Thieves Summer '19 Collection

Today, 100 Thieves tells Twin Galaxies that they sold more than $500,000 in just 5-minutes after the sales went live. Like most, potential buyers were greeted almost immediately with “Sold Out” markers next to every single piece of merch. This, in essence, is where Doug Barber is probably going to be focusing most of his time. The demand is there, and availability versus limited nature is a fine balance that would be best left to someone with that sole focus. 

“We’ve been searching for this position for the past year and interviewed dozens of candidates from top streetwear and athleticwear brands looking for someone like Doug,” said 100 Thieves’ President & COO, John Robinson. “His creative vision, brand building talent, and ability to deliver incredible retail experiences is exactly what we were looking for. Doug is going to be transformative for our apparel business.”

For more information, please visit 100 Thieves.


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