Dauntless Reaches 12 Million Players Ahead of Fortune & Glory Update

TJ Denzer,

July 9, 2019 2:07 PM

Since offering crossplay, Dauntless has brought 12 million players to the hunt - just in time for a pirate-themed new season and the Fortune & Glory content update.

Dauntless has continued to make itself known well across the free-to-play gaming space for some time now. With its launch on consoles and addition of crossplay between consoles and PC, the gates have opened for plenty of players to join up on the hunt of Behemoths on the Shattered Isles. The folks at Phoenix Labs aren’t losing any steam. As the game passes 12 million players, a season is about to end and the new season has been announced in the upcoming content update - Fortune & Glory.

Fortune & Glory was announced on July 9, 2019 via press release, the Dauntless Twitter, and on the Dauntless website. Where the current season has been a one of ninjas, shadows, and Far Eastern-styled fun, the next Season coming from this content update will take on a swashbuckling pirate approach. Pirates deserve attention as much as any ninja after all. The new season – dubbed High Skies - will bring along Lady Luck, her new shop, and a slew of new cosmetics and challenges.

The new challenges are set to put players to the test in Fortune & Glory in the form of Trials, featuring a Normal and Dauntless difficulty according to the press release.

“The Trials experience is a new gameplay offering from Lady Luck, an enigmatic figure who arrives in Ramsgate with a mysterious island in tow. Trials will pit adventurous Slayers against dangerous, modified Behemoths and all-new environmental challenges, like terrain-transforming pests. With the clock ticking through each hunt, it will be up to Trials challengers to prove that they can execute under pressure. Trials are split into two difficulty levels: ‘Normal’ and ‘Dauntless.’ Completing ‘Normal’ difficulty Trials nets Slayers with Steel Marks, used to purchase unique rewards such as weapon mods and alternate special attacks, while completing “Dauntless” difficulty Trials rewards Slayers with Gilded Marks: currency used to purchase exclusive cosmetic rewards that showcase more advanced accomplishments. Both Steel and Gilded Marks are exclusive to Lady Luck’s shop and can only be earned through Trials.”

Where Deathmarks have been the current seasons collectible, simply as a means to advance ones level on the Hunt Pass, the new marks will apparently act as a currency to purchase what you want. With so much in store, it’s no wonder Dauntless has continued to grow so much in popularity among it easily accessible and wide player base. The press release took the opportunity to mention that among all platforms, Dauntless had passed 12 million users. It's a victory lap well-earned, even as they prepare for the next thing.

Fortune & Glory and the Dauntless Season High Skies are set to roll out on July 16, 2019. Make sure you’ve got your Deathmarks squared away to take advantage of the current Hunt Pass as much as you can in preparation for the new season.


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