'We Have Tremendous Potential' Says CWL Commissioner Faries

Wyatt Fossett,

July 9, 2019 7:05 PM

Speaking into the current status and future of the Call of Duty World League, Commissioner Johanna Faries talks to the Activision Blog.

With the end of the currently beloved Call of Duty World League Esports scene coming up very shortly, it’s a great time to look towards the future. 

Johanna Faries, who was named the new Commissioner of the Call of Duty World League after serving a short time as Head of Call of Duty Esports, spoke to the Activision Games Blog about her role at the company, and the future of the CWL. 

The biggest news surrounding the Call of Duty World League that will shake things up for the growing (but already extremely popular) will be the shift to a city-based franchises format much like other major competitive leagues. Faries, with her extensive background with the National Football League, could not have been a better choice to puppet-master this large transition. 

“I’ve learned that while we have tremendous potential ahead of us, we are also building atop an already strong foundation. This season’s Call of Duty World League has been stellar and has provided an excellent opportunity to learn from the many people and teams who have been driving and operating this scene for several years now,” said Faries regarding what she has learned in her brief time alongside the Call of Duty Esports world. 

In regards to the future and next season’s inaugural launch of the geolocated teams--taking a page from the very successful book of the Overwatch League--Faries says that things are exciting and that the organized Esports league is working with the developers to ensure a cohesive growth structure. 

“We plan to launch next year, so 2020 is a big moment for all of us. To date, we have announced seven teams for the league: Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, Paris, and Toronto and they all bring with them world-class vision and insight that will supercharge this space. We are also working closely with the Call of Duty franchise team and studio partners to continue to think big about how we can innovate around the competitive experience, with an eye toward being the best league in the world,” added Faries. 

“Our ambition is quite large, but it’s also what gets us up every day feeling so energized by the potential scale of what Call of Duty esports can deliver. It’s a rush that can feel scary at times, but that thrill is typically where greatness can happen. I feel honored to be a part of it.”


There are still two very large events coming up in the 2019 Call of Duty World League schedule, the Finals are this month, while the Call of Duty World League Championships will be held in Los Angeles in mid-August. 

For more on the development of the Call of Duty World League, be sure to check out our CWL hub.


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