Epic Games Announces New Fortnite Trios Tournament Date

Nicholas Barth,

July 15, 2019 2:08 PM

Another Fortnite Trios tournament will be taking place in late July, according to a Twitter post by the battle royale game.

This past weekend saw the first ever official Trios tournament take place in the high-profile battle royale game of Fortnite. While this first Fortnite Trios tournament had some major issues plague it throughout its duration, Epic Games is ready to give it another go, as the developer announced the date for when the second Fortnite Trios tournament will be taking place. 

Taking to the official Twitter account of the popular battle royale title, Epic Games revealed that the second Fortnite Trios tournament will be taking place on Sunday, July 21st. You can view the official announcement of the date for the second edition of this particular event below. 

It is currently unclear if Epic Games had always planned on conducting a second Fortnite Trios tournament or if this upcoming one-day competition resulted from the trouble that infected the first edition of the event. This trouble consisted of an issue that saw the material drop mechanic not work properly during the competition. When Epic Games addressed this particular problem, it introduced another issue that led the developer to run the Fortnite Trios tournament this past weekend with the game's default harvesting rate and without any material drops.

This decision was not well received by the competitive community of the battle royale game, as the default harvesting rate and lack of material drops are seen as vital aspects of making Fortnite as competitive as possible. However, players were forced to play with the default harvesting and no material drops for the duration of the trios tournament. 

Epic Games and the competitive Fortnite community will be looking for the second Trios tournament to run much smoother than the first one in what will be a highly anticipated competition on July 21st. 


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