Summer Games is Back in Overwatch, Today!

Wyatt Fossett,

July 16, 2019 11:30 AM

Starting on July 16th and running until August 5th, the Summer Games event is coming back to Overwatch.

Kicking off today, the Olympic-themed event titled Summer Games is coming back to Overwatch as part of their synced and repetitious schedule of in-game events. This year, Blizzard Entertainment is bringing back Lucioball and adding seven new in-game skins. 

Part of the reason why many love the Summer Games event is due to the theming. With inspiration from Olympic events, skins themed for the Summer Games event often represent visuals that connect Overwatch Heroes and their countries of origin, bringing fans more opportunity to express and celebrate their own heritage. 

New Skins

Genji - Kendoka

Wrecking Ball - Lucioball

Torbjorn - Surf ‘N’ Splash

Hanzo - Wave

Reaper - American

*only unlockable via weekly in-game achievements

Reinhardt - Bundesadler

*only unlockable via weekly in-game achievements

Mei - Zhongguo

*only unlockable via weekly in-game achievements

Weekly Challenges

In order for players to earn new sprays, player icons, and three unique Summer Games skins for Reinhardt, Mei, and Reaper, complete weekly challenges during set time-periods throughout the event.



You should be able to jump into the epic Summer Games event in Overwatch right now (though some update rollouts may be different depending on your region), so roll on in and start getting those exclusive unlocks while you can! 

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