Fortnite 9.40 Update Patch Notes and Release Time

Nicholas Barth,

July 16, 2019 1:12 PM

We have the Fortnite 9.40 update patch notes and release time covered for you here at Twin Galaxies.

It is a new week in Season 9 of Fortnite Battle Royale, and you know what that means. Epic Games will soon be implementing a brand new update to Fortnite that will see a variety of changes take place in the battle royale title. This new 9.40 update and its patch notes will soon be available for players to experience, and we have everything you need to know about the 9.40 patch notes covered for you below. 

Fortnite 9.40 Update Patch Notes
(Source: Epic Games)

Fortnite 9.40 Update Patch Notes

Taking to the official Twitter account of the battle royale game, Epic Games announced that the server downtime for the 9.40 update will be taking place at 1 AM PST/ 3 AM CST/ 4 AM EST on Wednesday, July 17th. As with previous updates for Fortnite, the 9.40 patch notes should be made available right around the time the server downtime begins. 

We will update this article with the full set of patch notes for the new Fortnite changes when they are first made available by Epic Games. 

While the exact contents of the upcoming changes for the popular battle royale game are not yet known, the community does know that a highlight of these changes will be the addition of the new Tactical Shotgun. However, with a plethora of shotguns already in the game, it remains to be seen if the Tactical Shotgun is received positively or negatively when it arrives in the Fortnite 9.40 update patch notes. 

There are likely going to be several various other major changes implemented for the title when the server downtime on July 17th officially ends. 

What are you hoping to see come out of the Fortnite 9.40 update patch notes when they arrive on July 17th? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below by joining the Twin Galaxies community and jumping into the discussion!


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