League of Legends Ranked Status: Patch 9.14 Causing Issues

TJ Denzer,

July 17, 2019 2:22 PM

If you're trying to get into Ranked on League of Legends NA Servers, you're probably having a hard time due to issues with Patch 9.14.

It’s a bit of a shame when a new patch causes a few issues, but LoL patch 9.14 has been wreaking havoc on League of Legends Ranked status and queues. This comes in addition to another of other major bugs that have ultimately caused Riot to disable Ranked NA Servers and other regions worldwide. Moreover, certain champions have been disabled as Riot Games determines a solution to the issue.

League of Legends Patch 9.14 was launched on July 16, 2019. It brought with it a host of changes meant to shake up counterpicking and balance among the champions, but there were more than a few unforeseen side-effects. Shortly after patch launch, players began reporting various bugs on Reddit in the Ranked queues, one of which seems to be crashing the game upon trying to enter into a ranked match, disabling chat, and sometimes even deleting Rune pages.

It doesn’t stop at client bugs either. One of the more reported issues in the thread regards Annie and her stun bar and Mordekaiser and his ultimate. Annie’s bug is reportedly giving her a permanently filled stun bar, causing all abilities to stun instead of every fourth ability as intended. Others have reported certain runes like Manaflow Band and Electrocute not activating properly in game. Meanwhile, Mordekaiser’s bug is particularly nasty. Casting his ultimate should transport Mordekaiser and one opponent to a Death Realm where they can only damage each other. Currently, it seems Morde can cast his abilities on enemies outside the ult like normal, but opponents can’t, effectively removing a character for a match.

There appears to be more than a little bit to answer for as Riot aims to fix all of the issues, but for now League of Legends NA Ranked Servers status is disabled, as well as Mordekaiser, Annie, and other heavily affected champs across all modes while a fix is determined and applied to all known issues. You can follow the NA Ranked Server Status of League of Legends and other regions worldwide to see what’s currently going on or follow League of Legends on Twitter for the latest updates on when Ranked Servers will be back online.


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