The GG Podcast Talks EVO, Area 51, & Scarlett Johansson

TJ Denzer,

July 17, 2019 5:46 PM

What's the most money you'd bet on your gaming skills? The GG Podcast discusses EVO money matches, the Area 51 raid, and the controversy over Scarlett Johansson acting gigs.

This week on the GG Podcast, Kyle Fox returns to help the boys jump right into the latest in esports and gaming community news and hot topics… Or rather, they do after everyone stops to share how they’ve interacted with Jace Hall recently. Rick Fox, Todd Roy, and company jumping into the recent film casting controversy with Scarlett Johansson and the film Rub & Tug, the Area 51 raid, and meat-and-potatoes and after-hours events of fighting game tournament Evo.

Episode 8 of the GG Podcast - "Areola 51” - can be listened to in its entirety just below.

The podcast begins by diving into the FGC and Evo. After sharing the numbers revealed for Evo 2019, the table dives into the nature of Evo, whether or not it’s worth going to the event (spoiler: it is.), and the kinds of matches that happen outside of the official tournaments at Evo. Specifically, Jace brings up about money matches (fighting game rounds in which players bet cash on whether or not they can win the round) and the largest amount they’ve heard of people betting on an unofficial match.

After a break, the cast comes back to talk about Scarlett Johansson and the film Rub & Tug, which caused controversy when Johansson was cast for a trans character instead of a trans actor. Streamers like Summit1g made the argument that blaming Johansson for playing the role is a little crazy.

“Saying a trans doesn’t get the same opportunities?” Summit argued. “Acting is the tip-top of money and fame. Nobody gets those opportunities.”

The table speaks to their own positions on the topic of who can act in what, where the line can or should be drawn, and what makes that choice of actors or actresses matter in both largescale and smaller scale situations.

Meanwhile, folks are alien crazy again. The GG Podcast briefly discusses the recent petition that was signed by thousands aiming to raid Area 51 and “find those aliens”. Though the argument has been that the government can’t stop hundreds of thousands of people from invading, the podcast discusses whether or not the people that do go could actually make it through.

Finally, the gang takes a look back at the ESPYs. It was on July 10 when Tim “oLARRY” Anselimo won the first esports ESPY for Best Esports Moment for his comeback after being caught in the gunfire of a shooting at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville in 2018. Rick Fox gives a heartfelt shout-out to oLARRY for his achievement in recuperating from injury and making it back to competition.

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