Misfits Benches Starting Roster, Fnatic Subs-Out Rekkles

Wyatt Fossett,

July 18, 2019 10:55 AM

Some interesting roster moves for two LEC teams came bursting into the spotlight this morning on social media.

Twitter this morning has been a mixed bag of news that sparks a variety of emotions from League of Legends fans and fans of the LEC. First, we got word that the Misfits have had it with losing, so they are benching their entire starting LEC line-up and promoting their premier league team to the mainstage. Then, Fnatic came out to say that they were benching their star ad-carry for a single game. 

Misfits have had a rough year. Currently, after 4 weeks of play, the team that had a little bit of hope at the beginning of the LEC Summer Split has only managed to win 2 games. They sit at a 2W - 6L record. 

In order to shake things up, or perhaps find some lightning elsewhere, the team has decided to bench their entire starting LEC line-up in favor for their Misfits Premier roster. Whether or not this talented premier league team will be able to hang with the mainstage squads has yet to be seen, but it is clear that the Misfits organization believes it couldn’t possibly be any worse than what they are sporting now. Misfits CEO Ben Spoont posted a short video update on his personal twitter this morning. 


Oh the flip side of this morning’s shuffling, the number one team in the LEC is benching their star bot-laner. While the Misfits news seems very obvious, the Fnatic benching of Martin “Rekkles” Larsson feels like we’re not being told the whole story. 

Not only is Rekkles one of the best ad-carrys in the entire European region, but he is one of the best to ever play the game. On top of that, he’s also only a few kills away from breaking a huge Career Kills milestone. 

All of this adds up to mighty confusion, as Fnatic will be forcing mid-laner Nemesis to swap down to the bot-lane, while premier team mid-laner Felix “MagiFelix” Bostrom will be helming the mid-lane for the LEC match. The team also notes in their brief announcement that Rekkles will only sit out their first game of the week against Rogue on Friday, and will be back in the starting line-up on Saturday. This is where the lack of information makes things confusing. 

Is Rekkles being punished for something done or said out of the spotlight? Is he perhaps injured? Or, could it be something personal in Rekkles’ life that is keeping him from taking to the LEC stage? Our best guess is on option 1. Even though it could be a misuse of the word, Fnatic specifically saying that “our management and coaching staff have decided to bench Rekkles” most-likely means that this decision was out of the player’s hands. 

Hopefully, the change in roster doesn’t add up to another loss for Fnatic, as they continue to try and maintain their hold atop the LEC standings.


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