GamerGirl Bath Water Seller Belle Delphine Instagram Account Removed

TJ Denzer,

July 19, 2019 12:31 PM

GamerGirl Bath Water Seller Belle Delphine's Instagram account of over 4.5 million followers has been taken down and apparently deleted.

Whether you respect the hustle or not, (former) Instagram star Belle Delphine took her fans and the gaming community for all they were worth over the course of the last few weeks in one of the most bizarre of stories. If you’ve followed the news about her at all, you may know her as the risqué model who was selling bottles of “GamerGirl Bath Water”. Whether you follow her for the bath water or her other mostly, and sometimes explicitly, NSFW ventures, you won’t be following Belle Delphine on Instagram for the time being. Her 4.5 million follower Instagram account has been removed from the platform.

As originally report by Business Insider, the 19-year-old personality’s popular Instagram account was reportedly deactivated on July 19, 2019. Now when you go to Delphine’s Instagram page, you are redirected to a page that reads, “Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

This was apparently the effort of a number of Instagram users who reported Belle Delphine for “nudity and pornography,” for which one of the reporting parties - IG user athlete_thedog - made themselves and the reply from Instagram known to the general public.

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Delphine had drawn many raised brows when she posted about selling her jars of “GamerGirl Bath Water” at $30 a jar. According to a post on her Twitter (NSFW), she quickly sold out of the product. On her store page, there are other such products of even further eyebrow raising “GamerGirl” products, including chewed gum and pee (yes, really. a jar of "GamerGirl pee" for the low, low price of $9,999). All this to say, it wouldn’t be hard to believe Belle’s content crossed some lines that explicitly go against Instagram and parent company Facebook’s community guidelines. It likely wouldn’t stop her from making another account - some believe Belle Delphine already has done so, but these could also likely be imposters looking to capitalize on the situation.

Whatever the case, it’s not exactly the end of the GamerGirl and her bath water antics. 4.5 million Instagram followers is a lot, but Delphine still has a Patreon which currently sits at over 4,300 patrons and offers access to more of her antics both “tame” and not so much. Either way, it will be hard to forget about the time someone convinced the internet to buy their gamer bath water. That said, we’ll happily go back to less bizarre stories like shroud streaming and playing games through an earthquake.

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