Fortnite Event Ends with Giant Robot vs. Monster Battle

Wyatt Fossett,

July 20, 2019 12:15 PM

Just an hour ago, the beginning of the end kicked off in Fornite culminating in a massive battle between two gigantic combatants.

Over the course of the past year, Fortnite has done incredible things to close out competitive and entertaining seasons within their game. Huge spectacles often act as the farewell to an entire content season. In the past, there have been rolling cubes that turn entire lakes into a bouncy surface, gigantic volcanic eruptions, and so much more. 

For Season 9, Epic Games wanted to channel their fandom of pop culture films like Pacific Rim and Godzilla by pitting an enormous assembled robot (Voltron, Zord style) against a very large Kaiju-type monster. 

The fight lasted minutes, as the Monster shot his lasers around the map in a fit of rage, all the while the Robot fired some rockets from afar. The entire thing ended in physical combat that saw the Robot draw a large sword, charge it He-Man style and drive it into the Monster’s eye while the two lept at each other in the air. 

Like many of the events in Fortnite so far throughout its lifespan, the community reaction is everything. As soon as the event (and battle) wrapped up and the Robot flew into space victorious, clips began to emerge on social media. 

With Fortnite Season 9 in the rearview now and all of the players look up to the stars in salute to our mechanically awesome savoir, it’s time to turn our sights on Season 10. The next season of content should be starting somewhere around August 1st, and will run roughly 10 Weeks like all of the previous events. As Season 9 only just closed, there is little to no information on what Season 10 might include. 

What did you think of the Robot vs Monster Final Showdown? Were you able to catch all of the gigantic action live? 


Header image courtesy FriskyBits


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