Young CoD Streamer Starts Fight With Pro's Dad at CWL Miami

Wyatt Fossett,

July 20, 2019 2:18 PM

An altercation outside of the Call of Duty World League Finals in Miami has stirred the Twitterverse.

Even though speculation and hearsay bounce back and forth a little bit on how it all started, professional Call of Duty player Carson “Brack” Newberry’s father took exception to particular slurs aimed towards his family by a young Call of Duty fan named Robotsz. 

According to friends and witnesses, father Newberry asked Robotsz to “step outside” but showed little to no desire to have a physical altercation. Filing through the replies to the embarrassing tweet made by Robotsz, many users state that Newberry was trying to get an apology from the kid after overhearing him use grotesque and unnecessary language towards his family. All the while, Robotsz and his posse of friends claim that Bracks is responsible for a scam that cost them money and that Newberry had verbally threatened to assault the streamer. 

The video begins with Newberry asking Robotsz if he called his wife a c***, to which he confirms. After addressing the crowd of Robotsz friends, you can hear the cameraman say that “they are just words” but that doesn’t stop Robotsz from trying to provoke a fight from a father who showed up in Miami to cheer on his son. 

One reply on Robotsz Twitter reads: “You call his wife a c***... go outside with him... and try to bait a grown man whose there to support his child into swinging at you first while your friend is recording it?? How lame do you have to be homie?” 

At the end of the video posted, Rachel Newberry’s boyfriend stepped between the calm but frustrated father and the squawking child because Robotsz continually pushed physical boundaries. Another clip was uploaded that saw an actual, brief, tussle between the boyfriend and Robotsz, but things seemed to separate after that. 

More replies came in on twitter from some notable members of the Call of Duty community, and one long-time member of the MajorLeagueGaming staff who told Robotsz to “Come see me ASAP at the front desk” on Twitter. 

Shortly after the altercation blew up on Twitter, Gavin aka “Robotsz” posted a selfie video stating that Newberry explicitly told him to “come outside so I can beat your a**” which Robotsz uses as his excuse for getting wild and provoking the situation. 

As of now, there is no direct word from MajorLeagueGaming or the Call of Duty World League organizations regarding potential punishments for either party involved in the altercation. Twin Galaxies has reached out but have received no response at this time. 

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