eUnited Hold Back Surging Gen.G to Win CWL Finals in Miami

Wyatt Fossett,

July 21, 2019 5:58 PM

Claiming their first title in what feels like ever, eUnited manage to withstand a scary bracket reset by Gen.G and sweep the second best-of-five.

The Call of Duty World League Finals in Miami this weekend may be one of those events that goes down in history as one of the most memorable Call of Duty tournaments ever. Not only do you have drama happening off the stage, but there have been plenty of surprises in the game as well. 

Everything was looking great for Gen.G as they saw hardly a single hurdle too tall to leap over throughout their entire run-up to the midday Championship Sunday bracket. It was, however, their meeting with eUnited in the Winners Semifinals that saw the squad lose their first matchup, sending them to the Losers Bracket. 

It was there that Gen.G proved to the Miami audience that they weren’t there to mess around. Immediately, they knocked out back-to-back Call of Duty Major Champions in 100 Thieves before taking it to Reciprocity to earn another crack at eUnited. 

Sitting across from Gen.G on the mainstage to close out CWL Miami was eUnited, the extremely talented team that has not made many shots at Championships over the course of the last few years. This was their day. 

eUnited--helmed by future hall-of-famer Clayster, who broke a 1400 day championship drought today--saw such little in terms of hardship, it looked like they would handle anyone on their way to the first championship win for the Terror Twins, and the first return to the throne for superstar Clayster in forever. 

In a scary moment for eUnited, their first best-of-five in the Grand Finals started flat-footed. Gen.G was walking all over them, but destiny would attempt to slow the Gen.G roll. A console issue with EUnited’s Clayster caused a replay of the first map in the CWL Miami Grand Finals, but that wouldn’t keep Gen.G from resetting the bracket. 

It’s the first example of eUnited withstanding diversity when everything was on the line. Even after dropping the first best-of-five and letting Gen.G steal away all of their momentum, the fiery spirit within eUnited prevailed and wound up sweeping Gen.G in their second best-of-five. 

Next up for the competitive Call of Duty community is the World League Championships in Los Angeles starting in mid-August. The Championship next month will mark the end of the Black Ops 4 era, as the world waits on bated breath for the release of this fall’s Call of Duty title.


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