Blizzard and the Overwatch League Introduce League Picks

Wyatt Fossett,

July 22, 2019 10:23 AM

The soft-betting platform will integrate with the Overwatch League live-streaming service starting on July 15th.

For all those who think that they would love to start putting their predictions to the test, Blizzard and the Overwatch League have revealed a new way to earn extra amounts of League Tokens for use in the game’s OWL shop. 

The no-wager system doesn’t require players and fans to put up a bet, but will test your knowledge and analysis of the Overwatch League in order to succeed. Picks will consist of match result predictions and other, possibly more intricate picks. The Beta for League Picks is kicking off this week with the beginning of Stage 4 matches. 

Today, on the Overwatch League blog, all of the details regarding the Beta for League Picks were revealed. This included how to play, how to claim your rewards post-success, and even a lengthy document regarding the legal details of the platform because (even though there are no up-front wagers) it’s technically a “contest” system which falls somewhat under the heavy ruleset of betting. 

How to Play

In order to make picks on the League Picks platform, players must head over to and sign-in with their account. Once logged-on, you will be able to use the sidebar on the twitch player to see all of the picks available, check out your challenge progress, see your prizes, and even have access to the normal Twitch chat. 

Questions will be either match- and/or map-specific, based on the teams playing and their rosters. You can submit and change your answers up until approximately two minutes after the start of the match or map. Additional questions for upcoming scheduled matchups will be added an hour before the start of each subsequent match. An alert icon will appear at the top of the League Picks tab when new questions are available.

For each question that you answer correctly, you’ll get a single credit that will count towards the completion of Challenges.

You can track your progress in Challenges by clicking on the Challenges tab. The Challenges are all based on achieving a specific number of correct picks, so each correct answer counts towards all Challenges! Each Challenge reward is 25 League Tokens.

Collecting Rewards

Once you have completed any of the League Picks Challenges you will be able to claim your prizes on the Challenges tab. Claiming a prize will automatically send your rewarded League Tokens to your Blizzard/Overwatch account for you to use in-game to purchase Overwatch League skins and unique emotes. 

According to Blizzard, these challenges are broad on purpose, as you will be able to complete and earn towards challenges until the very end of the season which includes the 2019 Grand Finals tournament this fall. 

To ensure you get your rewards properly, be sure to link your account on the Overwatch League website.


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