Sigma Will be Overwatch's 31st Hero, Blizzard Shares Origin

Wyatt Fossett,

July 22, 2019 12:05 PM

The mystery is over, or is it just getting started? Meet Sigma, Overwatch's 31st Hero.

After teases and leaks spun the internet in circles over the past week, we finally have an official reveal of Overwatch’s next Hero to be added to the game’s roster very soon. 

Last week, a leak posted online showed the Hero icon and name of a new character that had yet to be revealed. This most likely sped up the announcement process, which Blizzard held over for the weekend with a little teaser on social media and a cryptic fake dev diary

Sigma, an eccentric astrophysicist, received a rather interesting and crazy Origins video on the Overwatch YouTube and social media channels today. The animated introduction shows the character--a real Lex Luther looking gent--experimenting with gravity and black holes before he is seemingly separated into multiple versions of himself. 

Immediately after his possibly-failed experiments, it looks like Sigma is being carted off through a psych ward. The character wanders through a whole ton of crazy thoughts as he lay on the gurney. 

There is very little to be found about how the actual Hero will perform once he arrives in the game.  However, the rumors have been circling for a long while that the next Overwatch Hero will be a Main-Tank, as that is a fairly small pool of heroes. In pro play, there are only two viable main-tanks, and one is used for 75% of situations where the second is only 25% useful. 

Expect to see a whole lot more from Overwatch as more information regarding Sigma is given. Last time around, it was roughly a month of teases, videos, and then test-server trials between reveal and launch of a new Hero. 

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