Insert Controller Here Creates Tea Bag Controller For Smash Bros

TJ Denzer,

July 23, 2019 3:57 PM

Insert Controller Here is has imbued the most notorious of video game taunts in a new controller. Their latest creation is a tea-bagging motion controller for Smash Bros.

In the world of competitive gaming, tea-bagging is generally considered to be bad manners. It’s a move meant to rub your victory over your opponent in their face, let them know you don’t respect them, or simply have a little fun at their expense. We thought we’d seen it all when Insert Controller Here created a controller that ragequits games by pouring salt, but they went beyond to bring one of the most infamous gestures to a new controller made for Smash Bros Ultimate.

On July 22, 2019, Insert Controller Here unveiled their latest creation on their YouTube channel and in a Reddit post. Banking on the devious nature of players worldwide, the controller creator crafted one that works literally by dipping a tea bag into water, causing your Smash Bros character to do the crouch that would signify the tea-bagging motion. Featuring wires, a microcontroller, a cup of hot water, and an actual tea bag, the controller works by dipping the bag into the cup and steeping the tea, allowing an electrical current to run between the wires and the microcontroller to send the signal for the character to perform the bad-mannered move.

That’s not all. Insert Controller Here also created a version of the controller which requires the player to perform the full body motion themselves. You can see the whole ridiculous, yet hilarious and creative set-up on display in the video below.

The creative behind Insert Controller Here certainly has it down to a science how to put literal actions together to similate some of the most notorious moves in gaming. In the past, they’ve also put together a spamming one-button controller made from… a can of Spam, as well as a fishing pole controller for Isabelle’s fishing attack and a motion-control skirt that operates Peach’s hip-bump attack. Insert Controller Here even offers those curious the means to build these controllers on their own with a neat little beginner’s guide to controller creation on their website.

Whether you engage in a little devious tea-bagging of your own or it makes your blood boil, we all have to have a little bit of a laugh at the fact that some mad genius put such a thing together to make tea-bagging in video games a full-bodied and aromatic experience.


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