Shacknews Great Quakeholio Tournament Returns to QuakeCon

TJ Denzer,

July 26, 2019 10:06 AM

Shacknews had so much fun with the Great Quakeholio Tournament last year that they've brought it back to QuakeCon 2019 with another $10,000 prize pool on the line.

Last year among so much good Quake, Doom, Elder Scrolls: Legends, and more, Shacknews hosted their own event at QuakeCon, featuring a gauntlet of classic FPS gaming. At the end of it all, $5,000 went to the winners of the tournament. This year at QuakeCon 2019, Shacknews has upped the ante with the Great Quakeholio Tournament 2. A new gauntlet awaits and a $10,000 prize pool is up for anyone who can truly do it for Shacknews.

The Great Quakeholio Tournament 2 was announced by Shacknews CEO Asif Kahn on July 24, 2019. Starting at 6PM CST / 4PM PST on Saturday, July 27, Shacknews will take over the Lone Star Tower in the Mustang 2, 4, and 6 Ballrooms of the Gaylord Texan Hotel as well as going live on the Shacknews Twitch channel. Players will through a series of first-person shooters perfectly in line with the QuakeCon experience. The games include, but are not necessarily limited to Wolfenstein 3D, the original Quake, and Quake Live.

Players must be 18 years of age to enter and sign-ups are still available on The $10,000 prize pool will be split between 3 winners as it was last year (as well as at the Shacknews Champions League Afterparty at E3 2019). Third place scores $1,000, second place gets $3,000, and first place earns themselves a love $6,000. If you think you’re good enough at the hall-of-fame of fps glory, then there’s still time to sign up and give it a go at QuakeCon 2019. The original article makes mention that even last year’s champion at the 2019 Quakeholio tournament might be looking to score another win and defend their crown.

For those who aren’t going, absolutely don’t miss the action when it goes live on Twitch. You can see it in action just below. May the rockets fly and the gibs be gratuitous in another excellent competitive gaming showdown.

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