Fnatic's Rekkles Slays His 1500th Career LEC Kill

Wyatt Fossett,

July 26, 2019 11:30 AM

The face of the franchise continues to make distance on the Career Kills leaderboard, reaching 1500 on Friday.

There was a lot going on in the early game minutes during the matchup between Fnatic and Misfits, and not a whole lot of it was great for the 2018 Worlds Finalists. However, in the hustle and mayhem, their star bot-lane ad-carry Martin “Rekkles” Larsson hit yet another milestone in his climb atop the career kills leaderboard. 

(courtesy Riot Games)
(courtesy Riot Games)

Continuing to pave his road to undeniable League of Legends and LEC hall-of-fame immortalization, Rekkles--who was benched by his team last week--came into their game on Friday against Misfits only one kill away from hitting a 1500 kills milestone. 

Throughout his 7-year career, Rekkles has only ever been apart from the franchise he is the face of for mere moments. A brief stint away in 2015 would be the lowest point in the bot-laner’s career, after which he returned to the famed Fnatic franchise and once against put his stamp on European League of Legends.  

Last season, Fnatic made their way all the way to the Grand Finals at Worlds, and in 2019 things haven’t gone as smoothly. They are still in the conversation for one of the best teams in the LEC, but they dropped out of the Spring Split Playoffs in the Semifinals against Origen, and they’ve racked up 3 loses overall in 11 matches so far this split. 

For now, Fnatic is still in 2nd Place in the LEC for the 2019 Summer Split, and even though they lost their matchup against a lowly Misfits today there’s really not a whole lot of reason to brew concern. In this state, Fnatic will be battling for supremacy all the way through the split, and we don’t see many reasons to panic. 

Today included some things to celebrate for Fnatic and their fans. For those that may not understand how huge 1500 kills in a career is, know that there is not a single player in European League of Legends history that has even broken the 1000 Kills mark. The next closest player is xPeke, whose career is over, and he sits around 980 kills. 

(courtesy Riot Games)
(courtesy Riot Games)

Even hopping across the pond. There are only 4 players in North American League of Legends that have surpassed the 1500 Kills mark, and those four players have been at it just as long as Rekkles has but in a region where single players are far more likely to carry entire teams. 

If Rekkles wasn’t on your list of best ADCs in the world, his name ranks up there with the likes of North America’s Doublelift, WildTurtle, Sneaky, and Bjergsen. 

Congrats to the Fnatic fan-favorite on the gigantic career milestone in the LEC.


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