EA Sports Reveals CHEL 'Battle Royale' Mode

Wyatt Fossett,

July 26, 2019 5:42 PM

The new CHEL mode will see 81 Players take part in solo or threes elimination-style winner-take-all ice hockey action.

Over the years there have been few additions to annual sports games as palpable and beloved as the CHEL mode in EA Sports’ NHL series. The online mode allows players to create their own hockey player, RPG style, and use them in online matches of all sorts in order to level them up and unlock more goodies. 

From complete six versus six, official NHL rules leagues, to the latest modes like the 1v1v1 half-rink mode, to a three versus three multiplayer game style. Not many things have taken off the same way that CHEL did for sports simulation fans, and especially not for hockey fans. 

In a new trailer, EA Sports highlights a ton of changes coming to CHEL in NHL 20, and the return of plenty of loved game modes. The one that stands out the most to us is the inclusion of Battle Royale style modes called “Ones Eliminator” and “Threes Eliminator” that draw plenty of inspiration from the worldwide phenomenon that is throwing a whole bunch of players into a pile and seeing who comes out on top as the last player alive. 

The new trailer titled ‘what’s new in CHEL’ goes over a ton of great stuff. The Eliminator modes may just be the best and more intriguing. 

According to EA Sports, the Eliminator modes will include 81 players online. If you’re playing Ones Eliminator, you will face-off against two other players at a time, losers go home while the winner advances. In Threes Eliminator, 27 groups of three players will participate in the same style of game. Last group or solo player alive after the final match will be crowned the winner, and most likely some luscious rewards. 

As the true staying power of CHEL live within the earning of rewards and unlocking of new gear, the new Eliminator modes will probably be pretty hot topics once the game hits the streets. 

EA Sports’ NHL 20 will launch on September 13th worldwide, but players can get into the new CHEL modes early with an exclusive open beta that began today and runs until July 31st. 

What do you think of Ones Eliminator and Threes Eliminator? Ready to get your Hocket Battle Royale on? 


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