Team Liquid Snag Win After Huge Comeback Against OpTic

Wyatt Fossett,

July 27, 2019 2:06 PM

'Because OpTic played it bad and we played it really well, we were able to come back." - Team Liquid's Doublelift

It was a match that most people thought they could easily project coming into Day 1 of Week 8 in the LCS. Team Liquid has been looking so absolutely dominant in the past few weeks and the OpTic Gaming we saw rule the league at the start of the season has since dropped well off. 

(courtesy Riot Games)
(courtesy Riot Games)

However, mere minutes into the game the casters, the crowd, the fans at home, and even Team Liquid’s Doublelift thought the game was definitely over. OpTic very quickly racked up a gigantic gold lead off the back of a very scary kills difference. Worse yet, those kills for OpTic were all on their biggest carry champions. 

Somewhere around the fifteen-minute mark, while OpTic was already pushing into the Team Liquid base, it all came crumbling down. With a two-handed kill lead and nearly 10k in gold over Liquid, it would be a single team fight (and eventual ace) for Team Liquid that would turn the tides. 

“When they got the Ace, and then got Baron, I said ‘we can’t win this’,” admitted team Liquid’s Doublelift in a post-game interview. 

It was a miracle survive, turned chaotic team fight that would start writing the Liquid comeback. “This is why this is North America's #1 team,” said CaptainFlowers, one of the LCS color-casters, as Team Liquid could stand at the bottom of a huge mountain of a deficit and still not be counted out. 

Riding on the potential of top-laner Impact--who was recently in a scary car accident--the storm brewed, and the frantic nature at which Team Liquid approached targeting the OpTic backline left the green wall stunted and without the ability to slow the bleeding of their lead. 

(courtesy Riot Games)
(courtesy Riot Games)

With the astounding comeback victory, Team Liquid bolster their lead on 2nd Place, while the loss for OpTic Gaming may be one of the hardest pills they will have to swallow all season. Dropping the ball and letting a huge lead fall apart when you could almost taste a “W” against the league leaders is pretty difficult. 


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