The young Fornite player makes FaZe Clan history as the first female member, and the first deaf player to join the organization.

Announced today live on the streets of New York City--where FaZe Clan is in attendance in high volumes for the Fortnite World Cup--the esports organization has officially signed popular young Twitch star and competitive Fornite player. 

(courtesy FaZe Clan)
(courtesy FaZe Clan)

Soleil "Ewok" Wheeler not only becomes the first-ever female member of the FaZe Clan organization--it’s about time--but she is also the first deaf competitive gamer on their roster. Part of Ewok’s large live-streaming audience follows the Fortnite pro due to her extremely positive attitude, and her advocacy for the deaf gaming community. 

Ewok’s carefully honed skills in Fortnite has come with hours of practice, and special use of the game’s sound visualization settings. 

At the Fortnite World Cup, Ewok took part in the Fortnite Pro AM, where she took to the stage alongside American triple-threat Jordan Fisher. 

FaZe Clan isn’t one to shy away from young talent, as the faces of esports and Twitch are getting older, and the next to take the wheel are young still. Signing a much beloved, and incredibly talented player like Ewok is just a smart idea. 

Even though there has been a bit of a bad taste in the public’s mouth in regards to how FaZe Clan has been conducting their business, the almost decade-old organization has done a big thing in bringing a larger audience to such a young star. 

FaZe Clan had a few members finish in the Top 10 during the Fortnite World Cup Dous competitive in NYC today, and will see a handful of clan members participate in the Fortnite Solo competitive finals tomorrow. 


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