The GG Podcast Talks Gaming Gear & Esports Community Kindness

TJ Denzer,

August 1, 2019 1:26 AM

Does the player make the gaming gear or is it all just a gimmick? The GG Podcast talks gaming gear, plus Rick Fox speaks to a wealth of support sent his way by the esports community.

It’s a new week and a new episode of GG Podcast, and after the squad votes to wrest control of the sound board from the tyrannical clutches of Todd Roy, they get down to the nitty gritty. The topics of the latest episode cover gaming gear and how various tech and swag has evolved in the gaming and competitive scenes. Also, Rick Fox speaks to the wealth of support spurred by a tweet from Kyle Fox and the table discusses the results of the Fortnite World Cup.

First up on this episode, the GG Podcast talks about gaming gear. As gaming has evolved, so has the gear that comes with engaging in it. From gaming chairs, comfort, and aesthetic to the most powerful pc rigs, video cards, and tech, the table talks about all of the interesting ways in which gaming gear has evolved, including talking a little bit about their own gaming set-ups. The questions comes up, is the gear any given player uses a gimmick or is it more than that? Does the gear make the player or does it merely evolve with the skills and needs of the player’s game?

After a break, the squad talks about the latest with Rick Fox and Echo Fox. Kyle Fox recently asked the community to send messages along to support Rick in what is a stressful time. Having sent out a tweet on his personal Twitter, a grateful community gathered around Kyle Fox’s tweet to share memories, thanks, and other stories Rick’s generous impact upon the gaming and esports community. After a speaking to a few tweets directly, Rick had a chance to share his heartfelt appreciation for Kyle’s gesture and the community who offered such a wealth of goodwill and support. The gesture leads to The GG Podcast talking about the good that can be done with gaming and community, as well as how important gaming can be to people from all walks of life.

Finally, the GG Podcast talks about the Fortnite World Cup, where 16-year-old Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf won nearly $3,000,000 by coming in first place in the final World Cup standings. Jace Hall wonders at the implications of a single player winning so much money in one go, but it’s also pointed out how all of the pros showed and competed. That said, what does such a high stakes competition mean for the future of Fortnite Esports?

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